Scholz said about Putin’s fear that the “spark of democracy” will come to Russia

German Chancellor Scholz said about Putin's fear that the “spark of democracy” will spread to Russia Because of the fear of spreading the “spark of democracy” to Russia, Putin pursued a policy aimed at disintegrating the EU and NATO for many years, said Scholz

Olaf Scholz

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is afraid of spreading the “spark of democracy” to Russia.

“Putin appears to be afraid that the spark of democracy might jump to Russia. That is why for many years he pursued a policy aimed at the disintegration of NATO and the EU, — he wrote on Twitter.

The chancellor felt that the Russian leader wants to return to the zone of influence policy. “But he won't succeed,” — he added.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on Scholz's words, noting that “German sparks” had spread to Russia a couple of times. “No more fires allowed,” — she assured.

Putin during the Eastern Economic Forum in September 2021 noted that under the slogan of promoting democracy, the West seeks to maintain its influence in the world.

“If some people need democracy, the people will come to it themselves. You don't need to do it by violent means,»,— he emphasized. The Russian leader noted that the example of Afghanistan was supposed to prove the futility of trying to “civilize” other nations follow their example.

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The head of state then called sanctions part of the policy of imposing his values ​​on other countries.

On the impossibility of “importing democracy” Putin has spoken before. So, in 2017, he considered it impossible that the same order would soon come in Russia as in the USA, France or Germany. The head of state explained this by saying that society should develop gradually.

At the same time, he urged not to demonize Russia, which is a democratic and sovereign country. “There are certain problems with this, but there are also great advantages,” & mdash; Putin emphasized.

In 2020, the President of Russia pointed out that real democracy and civil society cannot be “the product of the activities of foreign well-wishers.”

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