What kind of aircraft complex for blinding air defense systems “Rychag-AV” was used in Ukraine?

As a result of the operation of this EW system, radars refuse to work, literally going crazy, guided bombs and cruise missiles suddenly change their course, and drones fall unpredictably.

Mi-8MTPR-1 helicopters used by Russia on Ukraine, are equipped with the Rychag-AV anti-aircraft suppression system, the power of which is sufficient to suppress air defense systems of all modifications.

During combat use, the Rychag-AV active jamming station based on the Mi-8MTPR-1 helicopter “dazzles” enemy electronics at a distance of several hundred kilometers. The complex makes it possible to conduct electronic reconnaissance and suppress enemy command and control systems. The system allows you to cover not only aircraft, but also ground vehicles.

Helicopter electronic countermeasures system Mi-8MTPR-1 with “Lever”. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

Equipped and dangerous

Mi-8MTPR-1 with “Lever-AV” system officially adopted in 2016. Such vehicles are currently serving in the troops of the Eastern, Western and Southern military districts. Last year it was reported that the Rychag-AV system effectively showed itself in the course of real hostilities, apparently, the first combat use of the complex took place in Syria. In the future, «Lever-AB» can be installed on various aviation and marine carriers, however, at the moment, the only machine with such equipment remains the Mi-8MTPR-1. 


Stations «Lever-AB» built on the basis of multibeam antenna arrays. When generating signals, the station uses DRFM technology (Digital Radio Frequency Memory — digital processing and recording of a radio signal). This guarantees stable reception of radar signals and their radio suppression throughout the coverage area. To provide electricity to powerful transmitters with a total potential of 800 kW, additional electric generators had to be added to ordinary Mi-8s.

How does it work?

Mi-8MTPR-1 — defensive weapons designed to neutralize active weapon systems. At the same time, it is much less expensive than, for example, the deployment of missiles. Helicopter with “Lever-AB” system acts on the front line or over the coastal zone of the sea, if used in the interests of the Navy, and jams air defense stations. 

The electronic warfare complex includes a database of enemy electronic equipment. Complex «Lever-AB» capable of detecting the radiation of enemy electronic equipment and analyzing them. Using the existing library with signatures of a large number of electronic systems, the complex can determine the type of target and independently choose the most effective type of interference in a given situation. Thus, the complex can adapt to the situation and use the most suitable interference in this case. Thus, being in the air for up to two and a half hours, the jamming system continuously suppresses up to eight radars. As a result, radars refuse to work, literally going crazy, guided bombs and cruise missiles suddenly change their course, drones suddenly fall.

This makes it possible to protect, first of all, their aircraft from radars at a distance of about 150 km. Representatives of the KRET concern, where the complex was created, say that the capabilities of the helicopter are not limited to countering air defense systems. It creates interference not only to ground-based air defense systems, but also to aircraft radars, which makes it possible to protect both individual aircraft and entire squadrons from enemy fighters. 

According to the developers, the complex can also stop the operation of communication systems, command and control of troops or high-precision weapons, as well as navigation equipment. The system can completely “blind” the enemy, under such conditions, he loses the ability to detect targets and direct missiles at them, thereby increasing the survivability of aviation.

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