How to register the birth of a child through the “Gosuslugi”?

In Russia, for the first time, twins were registered through the “Birth of a Child” service; on the portal “Gosuslugi”. “Digital” twins Eva and Leya were born in Nefteyugansk. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia.

“Birth registration service through” State Services ” launched in May 2022. The first “digital” the child was a boy Mark from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”, — said in the message of the department.

The ministry stressed that the service «Birth of a child» greatly simplifies the receipt of the necessary public services related to the birth of a baby. You can issue a certificate remotely, and receive it later or not receive it at all. At the same time, in the personal account on the “Gosuslugi” all information about the child will be stored.

 How to register a newborn through the “Gosuslugi”?

As explained in the Ministry of Digital Development, in order to register a newborn through the “Gosuslugi”, you need:

  • be registered on government services;
  • after the birth of a child in the maternity hospital, with the consent of the mother, an electronic medical document of birth is issued, which will go to her personal account on "State Services";
  • after receiving a notification in your personal account, you need to go to the birth registration service and fill out an application (, indicating the name of the child. If the child was born in a marriage, the father must agree on his name; 
  • The registry office or the MFC, based on the data received, will issue a record of the birth certificate of the child;
  • to your personal account on the “Gosuslugi” a notification of birth registration and information about the record of the birth certificate will be received; 
  • if the mother, when filling out the application, chose to receive a birth certificate on paper, after registration she will be asked to choose a time convenient for receiving the document at the registry office or MFC at the place of residence;
  • for those who choose electronic documents, it is also possible to receive paper documents in the future. To do this, you can use the service “Gosuslug” for the issuance of repeated and primary certificates and certificates.

How long does it take to register a newborn? 

The birth of a child must be registered within 30 days. 

How does the ministry plan to expand the service "Birth of a child"? 

The Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation told that in July at "State Services""through"Birth of a Child" it will be possible to apply for three services at once:

  • assignment of an allowance for the birth or adoption of the first child;
  • assignment of an allowance for a child from a low-income family;
  • establishment of the status of a large family.

In addition, from October, a digital MHI policy will be issued for newborns. And at the end of 2022, it will be possible to register a child at the place of residence or at the place of stay electronically at Gosuslugi»  .ru/

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