To attack the oil refinery in Novoshakhtinsk, Ukraine turned Bayraktars into kamikazes

“The Kyiv authorities are deliberately getting rid of drones in order to ask the United States for new ones”

A drone attack from the Ukrainian side led to a fire at the Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery in the Rostov region this morning. There was no large-scale disaster: the fire area was 50 square meters, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations dealt with it quite quickly. According to preliminary data, there are no victims, but the question remains – how to secure the country's borders from enemy attack drones?

Photo: Global Look Press

The incident occurred in the Krasnosulinsky district of the Rostov region, on the 882nd kilometer of the federal highway A-270.

A video of the incident appeared on the Web, which depicted how the UAV purposefully flies to the side factory, and then crashes into an iron support, after which there is a strong explosion. According to media reports, the drone hit the first boiler of the Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery.

According to the governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev, fragments of two drones were found on the territory of the plant. Presumably, these were Turkish Bayraktars, but there were disagreements among Internet users about the UAV model. Residents of the Rostov region suggest that both a PD-1 and another foreign UAV could have been a ram. Many of them are wondering why the air defense did not work. Yuri Knutov, a well-known military expert and director of the Museum of the Air Defense Forces, answered these questions to Moskovsky Komsomolets.

“This Bayraktar,” the expert believes, “is a fairly simple target, and more than a hundred of them have already been destroyed, including on the ground. Another thing is that to cover all objects, a large number of air defense systems are needed, in particular Pantsir and Tor, and due to their shortage, some objects may be uncovered, and Bayraktars can work more or less successfully on them.

– This is the know-how of Ukraine, which speaks of their despair and that they are unhappy with them. These UAVs performed poorly in Ukraine, and this, by the way, is noted almost everywhere abroad. The losses among the Bayraktars are huge, and they can only perform their tasks where there are no air defense systems.

Now there is such a theory that the Kyiv regime is specifically trying to get rid of the Bayraktars in order for the United States to give them their drones , and things will supposedly go smoothly.

– For example, the American “Predator” significantly exceeds them in range and height, the bomb load is more than a ton. These are weapons of a different class and type.

– In my opinion, even without the Tor and Pantsir systems, it is possible to deploy air defense posts equipped with binoculars and anti-aircraft gunners armed with portable Igla MANPADS, and somewhere even install 23 mm anti-aircraft guns so that they can also fire at kamikazes. The targets are large, the wingspan is like that of a maize plant, so it is quite possible to hit them with MANPADS.

– We track and find such stations, just the other day in Odessa, at the Shkolny airfield, such a station was liquidated management of “Bayraktar”, from where the UAV raided the island of Zmeiny.


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