BRICS countries called for reform of the UN Security Council and the WTO

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have called for the reform of the world's most important institutions. They consider WTO reform “long overdue”

UN Security Council (New York, USA)

The BRICS countries support the reform of the UN Security Council and the World Trade Organization, according to a joint declaration following the summit of the international association, which was held chaired by China.

According to the declaration, the BRICS countries are committed to maintaining the central role of the UN in the international system. At the same time, BRICS confirms its readiness to “breathe new life into the discussion on the reform of the UN Security Council.”

China and Russia (permanent members of the UN Security Council), as follows from the declaration, confirm the desire of Brazil, India and South Africa to “play a more prominent role in the UN.”

In addition, countries call for and change the work of the World Trade Organization .

“We will work constructively to bring about the long overdue reform of the WTO to build an open world economy that supports trade and development, maintains the central role of the WTO in establishing global trade rules and governance, supporting inclusive development, and promoting the rights and interests of all members, including developing and least developed countries, — the document also says.

At the same time, the BRICS countries called on the members of the World Trade Organization “to avoid unilateral and protectionist measures that are contrary to the spirit and rules of the WTO.”

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The United Nations Security Council consists of five permanent and ten non-permanent members. Five main countries — members of the Security Council, with the right to veto, was formed following the results of the Second World War. It included the USA, the USSR (then Russia as a successor), Great Britain, France and China. Security Council decisions on all issues are considered adopted if they are voted by nine participating countries, including the concurring votes of the five permanent members.

Various world leaders have repeatedly called for UN reform. In the fall of 2021, the UN Security Council system was criticized by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: “We affirm that the fate of humanity cannot and should not be thrown at the mercy of a handful of countries” victors in World War II. Russia supports the discussion of the work of the UN Security Council, but insists on the need to preserve the right of veto for permanent members.

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