How much and when will we rest in 2023?

The Ministry of Labor has published a full calendar of weekends and holidays for 2023. The agency published the data in its  Telegram channel.

«The Ministry of Labor has prepared a draft resolution on the postponement of days off in 2023», — According to a report published on June 23.

In addition to the nine-day New Year holidays, Russians expect a four-day holiday in February, as well as three and four days off in a row during the May holidays.

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 How many holidays will there be in 2023?

  • During the New Year and Christmas holidays — nine days: from December 31 (Saturday) to January 8 (Sunday); 
  • in honor of Defender of the Fatherland Day —four days: from February 23 (Thursday) to February 25 (Sunday); 
  • in honor of International Women's Day — one day: March 8 (Wednesday);
  • in honor of Spring and Labor Day — three days: from April 29 (Saturday) to May 1 (Monday);
  • in honor of Victory Day — four days: from May 6 (Saturday) to May 9 (Tuesday);
  • in honor of Russia Day — three days: from June 10 (Saturday) to June 12 (Monday);
  • in honor of National Unity Day — three days: November 4 (Saturday) to November 6 (Monday). 

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