Kaliningrad proposes options for solving the problem of transit

Kaliningrad proposed to remove the transit of goods through Lithuania from sanctions Proposals boil down to changing the EU sanctions regime and explanations for the Lithuanian customs img/1/22/756559158077221.jpg” alt=”Kaliningrad proposed options for solving the problem of transit” />

Kaliningrad, Russia

There are three possible diplomatic solutions on the issue of transit of goods through Lithuania to the Kaliningrad region, said Alla Ivanova, head of the agency for international and interregional relations of the Kaliningrad region, reports the publication “New Kaliningrad”.

On June 18, Lithuania introduced a ban on the transit of goods to the region by rail that fell under EU sanctions. And these are products made of iron, steel and some other metals, fertilizers, timber, wood products, glass containers, cement, etc. The full list of goods prohibited for transit consists of 66 pages.

Ivanova was asked how this problem can be solved diplomatically.

“There may be several solutions, this is more of a technical issue. For example, the introduction of amendments to the sanctions document of the European Union 833/2014, and in different versions. First— this is an addition to the glossary of article 1 with the concept of “Kaliningrad transit of people and goods”; and a general exemption from sanctions,— said Ivanova.

The next option— the exclusion from the text of the articles of the sanctions document relating to oil products, metals, coal and other goods, the phrase “including transit”, the head of the agency pointed out. Third— sending an explanation to the Lithuanian customs about the non-application of the effect of the articles introduced by the fourth & mdash; sixth package of sanctions to the “Kaliningrad transit”; goods.

The Kremlin called the decision “unprecedented” and “illegal”. “This is a violation of everything and everyone,” — Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. The Foreign Ministry protested against the decision of the Lithuanian authorities and promised that “consequences” would follow. The Foreign Ministry promised retaliatory measures to the European Union as well. Its ambassador, Markus Ereder, assured that “there is no talk of a transit ban, a blockade [of the region],” and the transit of goods that do not fall under EU restrictive measures “works normally.”

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The authorities of Kaliningrad have so far decided to use ferries and ships to deliver sanctioned goods, and deliver those goods that can be transported through Lithuania by rail. On June 21, the head of the region, Anton Alikhanov, indicated that proposals on retaliatory measures to Lithuania in connection with the restriction of transit would soon be sent to Moscow.

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