Kuwaiti prince dissolves parliament for early elections

Mashaal Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah

The Crown Prince of Kuwait, Mashaal Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, has dissolved the National Assembly (Parliament) to hold early elections, Al Arabia TV channel reports.

« Citizens are dissatisfied with the work of the legislative and executive authorities. We did not interfere in their work, but we did not see any achievements from them, — Al-Sabah explained.

According to the crown prince, there are constant attempts to “satisfy personal interests at the expense of the nation” in the local political arena. “But we will not deviate from, amend or violate the Constitution,” promised the crown prince.

The previous parliamentary elections in Kuwait were held in December 2020. The 50-seat parliament has been updated by 60%. After the elections, parliamentarians accused the prime minister of recruiting unqualified and controversial figures for ministerial posts. After that, the government in its entirety resigned.

In December last year, a new cabinet was formed, which was represented mainly by members of the ruling royal family. In May, the new prime minister, together with the government, was forced to resign again amid the threat of a vote of no confidence in him by parliament.

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