Countries will be able to join the EU only if the union is ready to expand

EU says Candidate countries may consider joining if enlarged The progress of any country aspiring to the EU will depend on the organization's ability to accept new members, the EU noted

Any chance of joining countries into the European Union will depend on the ability of the organization to accept new members, follows from the final statement of the Council of Europe on Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

“The progress of each country towards the European Union will depend only on its individual merit in meeting the Copenhagen criteria and the EU's ability to admit new members,” decided by European politicians.

Ukraine applied for EU membership after the outbreak of hostilities by Russia on 24 February. Moldova and Georgia followed suit in early March.

On June 17, the European Commission recommended granting Ukraine and Moldova the status of countries— candidates for EU membership. At the same time, the organization demanded from the authorities to strengthen the fight against corruption and oligarchs, to reform legislation regarding minorities.

Five days later, the deputies of the European Parliament voted for a resolution to grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidates as soon as possible. They called for promptly granting this status to Georgia, but first the country must carry out the necessary reforms. At the EU summit in Brussels, it decided to grant the status of candidates to Ukraine and Moldova, and designate Georgia as a country with a European perspective.

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At the same time as the summit in Brussels, the EU and the Western Balkans summit was held. The European Union expressed its commitment to the EU membership prospects for the region and called for speeding up the accession process. At the same time, the organization pointed out that Serbia should achieve normalization of relations with the unrecognized Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina— complete the constitutional and electoral reform.

Politicians could not agree to launch EU accession negotiations with either North Macedonia (EU candidate status since 2005) or Albania (since 2014).


Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama called the EU enlargement procedure “fraudulent” process, as 26 countries failed to lift Bulgaria's veto on the start of accession negotiations for Albania and North Macedonia.

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