Johnson called the expulsion of refugees from Ukraine to Rwanda “in theory possible”

We are talking about Ukrainian refugees who illegally entered Britain. Johnson recognized such a development of events as unlikely, but theoretically possible. Johnson called “in theory possible” the expulsion of refugees from Ukraine to Rwanda” />

Protest in London against the “Rwandan scheme”

Ukrainian refugees entering the UK illegally could theoretically be sent under the new scheme to Rwanda, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during a visit to the country, reports the Guardian. However, the head of government called this “unlikely.”

London plans to send migrants who entered the country illegally into Rwanda under a new agreement concluded with the country. It is assumed that their applications for asylum will be considered in an African state, and they will live in migration centers. Also, a support package for up to five years will be available to migrants, which will include training, accommodation and medical care.

“The only circumstances under which people will be sent to Rwanda, — it is if they come to the UK illegally and thereby damage the safe and legal routes that we have,— Johnson explained.

According to him, the UK has issued about 130 thousand visas to Ukrainians, the citizens of this country have “two good routes”; for legal entry.

“But if you enter here illegally, you are hurting all those who come here legally. And this is crazy. So I'm afraid the answer is yes, in theory it could happen. But I think it's very unlikely."— added the prime minister.

According to the UN, as of June 13, 77,200 refugees have arrived in the UK since the start of hostilities in Ukraine.

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The first plane with migrants who entered Britain illegally was due to fly to Rwanda on 14 June. However, the European Court of Human Rights intervened at the last minute and issued an injunction against the deportation.

The ECtHR ruling concerning one of the migrants, an Iraqi by nationality, said that he should not before the expiration of a three-week period after the final decision by the court.

The scheme to send migrants to Rwanda was widely criticized by activists and human rights activists after its approval. The UN Special Rapporteur on human trafficking, Siobhan Mullali, said that deporting people to Rwanda could violate international norms, as well as cause serious harm to asylum seekers.

“People seeking international protection, fleeing conflict and persecution, have the right to apply for asylum and enjoy it— it is a fundamental principle of international human rights and refugee law,— the expert emphasized.

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