Russian Railways suspended the shipment of a number of goods to Poland through Belarus

Restrictions on the supply of a number of goods to Poland have been in effect since June 23. The reasons for this decision and about what kind of cargo in question, RZD did not specify. The company noted that we are not talking about a complete cessation of transportation =”Russian Railways has suspended the shipment of a number of goods to Poland through Belarus” />

RZD has suspended the delivery of a number of goods in transit through Belarus to Poland. This was reported to RBC by a representative of the state-owned company.

“There is no talk of a complete cessation of transportation in communication with Poland,” — assured in Russian Railways. The company did not specify the reasons for such a decision and what kind of cargo in question.

Restrictions against Poland are in effect from June 23 until they are canceled, according to the materials of Russian Railways, Interfax reports.

From April 10, Russian Railways banned the sending of all goods through the Mamonovo railway checkpoint in the Kaliningrad region to Braniewo in Poland. Then the decision was explained by repair work on the territory of Poland.

The representative of the state-owned company explained that this was done in order to avoid the accumulation of rolling stock and delays in the transfer of goods passing through this crossing.

“Interfax” reported that the carrier also imposed restrictions on the railway ferry service of the Kavkaz station (ferry export to the Bulgarian city of Varna) of the North Caucasus Railway from April 7 to 16.

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