The expert urged Russia to uncover tactical nuclear weapons

The collective West gathers an anti-Russian coalition: what to do

The European Union and NATO are gathering a coalition to fight Russia. This was announced on Friday at a press conference in Baku by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He said that it all reminded him of the situation at the beginning of World War II, when Hitler gathered most of the European countries under his banner to attack the Soviet Union. Now they are also being collected by the EU and NATO to fight Russia. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry “MK” asked an expert to comment on this statement.

Photo: RF Ministry of Defense

– No, – Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, comments. – I think it's just a statement of existing realities. Especially in light of the upcoming NATO summit, where a new strategic concept will be adopted, officially declaring Russia a military adversary.

Plus, it is already obvious that the Russia-NATO founding act will cease to have effect. That is, there will no longer be any obstacles for the movement of the Alliance military vehicles to the Russian borders. Even if it was as formalized and incomplete as this document contained.

So Lavrov's words are a statement of the existing realities. And in them we see the European consolidation against its main opponent. Previously it was the Soviet Union, now it is Russia. The minister's words simply give a clear analysis of the current situation that is emerging today.

– I think a real military confrontation is already underway. It's just that now it will be elevated to the rank of an official position in the new strategic concept of NATO – in those decisions that will be discussed and adopted at the summit of the Alliance.

– Not a war because Russia is a nuclear power. But we will need to rethink our military doctrine and nuclear planning. It is absolutely necessary to do this in order to contain NATO and the EU, which are already gathering into such a single steel fist. We can counter it solely by relying on tactical nuclear weapons, which in this situation should be delivered from warehouses to the troops on specific carriers.

– Because after the restriction of transit to Kaliningrad, a complete ban on transit, and a naval blockade, and even the sending of NATO forces to the territory of the Kaliningrad region may follow. In this situation, you need to have time to respond instantly and immediately.

And given the disparity in the field of conventional weapons – NATO here surpasses us many times – we can react quickly, deterring the Alliance, only relying on tactical nuclear weapons.

Consequently, it is necessary to review and specify conceptual foundations for its application, and to draw those “red lines” that we will be ready to use in parrying threats and aggression using tactical nuclear weapons against NATO groupings in the European theater of operations.

– This will mean that they will sign their own verdict. They will determine their own destiny by their actions and their aggression. But it is already simply impossible for Russia to continue, as before, backing away and retreating somewhere. And therefore, whether Sweden and Finland will be accepted into NATO this time, or not, there is no difference. Tactical nuclear weapons should be delivered on specific carriers to the troops of the Western Military District, to the Baltic and Northern Fleets.


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