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«Once, while sitting in  school, I saw an apartment on fire in  the house opposite. Before my eyes, firefighters saved a man. And I was so hooked that I wanted to do the same thing».

He has a completely unheroic last name. Yes and he was born in Nadym, where it is easier and more profitable to become an oil or gas worker (half of all Russian gas is produced here). But in 9th grade, the grandson of two firefighters and the nephew of a fire truck driver Stepan LyalikovI decided to follow in the footsteps of my relatives, although I did not see their work. After studying at the Ivanovo Institute of State Fire Service, he returned as a lieutenant to his homeland.


Three years ago, already with decent work experience, Stepan started blogging “Don't burn”, making videos while extinguishing fires. Today, he on YouTube alone has more than 50 thousand subscribers. subscribers. Social media covered.

Filming a video in fire? Cynically. Dangerous. By the to the same smoke nothing can be seen . Surely many people think so — those who, fortunately, did not have a chance to contemplate the merciless elements that destroy all life …

For more than 15 years, Stepan has seen such a picture many times. More than once saved adults and children. From an early age, he dreamed of helping people. It may sound loud. But Lyalikov, born at the decline of the USSR and raised already in new Russia, does consider this pathos. Even if a drunk is lying in a snowdrift, he will help him to reach the entrance and call an ambulance… 

Quick and playful

— Somehow the network came across a video about the work of firefighters with comments: they arrive without water, the hoses are full of holes, what to do — they don know, and also under a degree — Stepan remembers. — This video outraged me: what what kind of injustice is this! I then did a little bit of TikTok with daughter. I think: let me try to tell you how quenching actually happens. After all, everything is not so with us, as many used to think.

In the first video, Lyalikov explained how much water the firefighters have, how quickly it runs out, what kind of cars there are… On     the same day, 1 thousand people subscribed to      man, and how many watched the video, he already does remember. Only then did Stepan understand: this is the calling! And started shooting seriously.

Today in Russia there is a small community of firefighter bloggers who not only put out the fire, but and shoot videos with an action camera on a helmet. You press the button (it's 1 second!) — and the recording started.

— You you just do your duty, forgetting that you have a camera on. The main thing is that it does not stick out too much from the helmet. The plastic there is good: it can withstand high temperatures, and it is not afraid of water ingress. The result is material that is useful for work (you can analyze what was done wrong) and interesting to Internet users: they see the real work of firefighters. They understand how difficult it is and in what situation everyone can find themselves in if they don comply with fire safety rules. So this is a good way of propaganda.

In the  conversation, Lyalikov will mention the word "propaganda" more than once, which makes the young tired and more familiar to those who are 50+. But he knows what he's talking about.

— Now the main departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the regions of Russia are contacting me, asking for advice: how to promote our work. The press services and PR are not moving quite right. Who likes to hear about not playing with matches and not forgetting to turn off the iron for half an hour? Nobody! Now everyone wants it to be fast, fun, provocative, and not tedious and boring. In my opinion, propaganda is generally a very creative activity.

How many people over the years of service Stepan Lyalikov saved people, he did not count. Saved — OK. Did save — here's the trouble. Such cases in the memory forever, especially when a child dies. Stepan himself has two of them, and to remain indifferent when the fire is extinguished, and did pull the baby out of the fire, it doesn't work. So lives with this pain in heart.

— That little apartment was very cluttered. There was so much junk that he height was level with the bed. And the child was frightened and climbed under it…

Firefighters perceive death at work differently. In & nbsp; the main “put a block”.  Lyalikov also has it. Get drunk, go into the forest, go to bed — Stepan doesn do none of this. He just replays what happened in the head over and over again so that it will never happen again.

A minute for gathering

Today, 33-year-old major of the internal service Stepan Lyalikov — Deputy Head of SPT 1 PSO of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in YNAO.

— 95% of the time I spend at the table, and only 5% is spent on extinguishing large and complex fires, like this provides for my position. Although I thought it would be the other way around all my life: I didn like office work.

Therefore, Stepan retained his desire to help people in danger. And even increased it. Signed up for a volunteer search and rescue team to look for lost people. He joined the ranks of volunteer forest firefighters (as a federal, he can only work in the city). “When I'm free from duty, I prefer to sit, but to do something useful».

This is it — professional lifeguard. And a life volunteer. «I always to people with an open mind. Although anything happened, I also ran into those who wanted to take advantage of my kindness. That doesn't stop me».

Fire Blogger — it's modern. And that's why they invite Lyalikov and to schools, and even to kindergartens. Teenagers themselves find it in social networks: “Uncle fireman, give us a lesson in” the class. Stepan always has a desire to communicate — It's interesting with children. And they have a lot of questions.

— And what have in the balloon?

— Not water and not foam. Just the compressed air we breathe in smoke.

—     How many minutes does firefighters get dressed to alarm?

— Standard time departure of the guard — 1 minute. And it it is eating at time resting or repairing your car up to oil                     The hardest fire you put out?

— At a floating power plant. This is a hefty ship on the water that generates electricity. There was an explosion of the turbine, an oil fire, and even pierced the ship's hull. It began to sink, the oil spilled in the water burned, and this is already an environmental threat…

That fire, according to official data, was extinguished for 12 hours, according to unofficial — all 15. Fortunately, people managed to evacuate in advance, but fighting the fire was still not easy. “Very high temperature, you pour water from the trunk, and it doesn’t even reach the hearth properly — evaporates by half. It was wet, hot, long. But we won».

There are fires that have to be extinguished and two days. And the solid waste landfill once blazed for 3 months. «This is generally the most complicated object: it burns at a very great depth, it seems that you can only extinguish — and fire in another place crawls out. At the same time, the temperature on street is —40°C».

How to become a firefighter, children also ask — it just seems that heroism is not in trend. What is even more surprising: five civilian volunteers who do not have to & nbsp; "fire" nothing to do with it, they came to Stepan in the firefighting service to learn a dangerous, but noble business. And will soon become professional lifeguards.

Pro Tips

What kind of fire extinguisher do you need in your car?

Every car owner knows: in the "Motorist's Kit" must have a fire extinguisher. But will will help in case of fire?

— Unfortunately, all car fire extinguishers that are sold in sets have a small volume: a maximum of 2 l. Only a fire extinguisher with a volume of 5 l or 5 kg (if powder) will be really useful. Yes and then if a fire is noticed at the initial stage — as soon as the wiring sparked. But it's all hidden. By the time we get to it the fire will already flare up. So  one fire extinguisher can handle.

You can often see a picture when motorists stop on the road to help. However, everyone makes a blunder: one by one they throw out fire extinguishers at one point, but there is no point. How to act more effectively? Three people must take three fire extinguishers and simultaneously (!)feed hearth — then the required intensity will be reached to eliminate the focus.

How to avoid natural fires?

Barbecues and burning of garbage in dachas, bonfires and fallen grass… To  Unfortunately, the joy of being in nature often turns into disaster.

— You can't force people to learn all the regulatory documents on fire safety requirements, but you need to use sound logic. So, next to & nbsp; the place where the fire is made, everything should be removed at a distance of at least 2 & nbsp; m. If a fire is made in a forest, you need to clear the place of dry grass and dry leaves. You can't leave the hearth unattended for even a minute. There must be a container with water nearby.

And spontaneous dumps on roadsides and in forests are also dangerous. Broken bottles in the sun produce a magnifying glass — and next to it instantly lights up what burns well.

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