Lukashenko asked Putin to help with a mirror response to Western aggression

President of Belarus Lukashenko asked Putin to help with the nuclear equipment of aircraft The President of Belarus asked his Russian colleague to help with the response to training flights of US and NATO aircraft that can carry nuclear warheads. Putin proposed to retrofit the Su-25 of the Belarusian army and supply the Iskanders alt=”Lukashenko asked Putin to help with a mirror response to Western aggression” />

Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus is very concerned about the training flights of US and NATO aircraft, which are “preparing to carry nuclear warheads and nuclear charges”, said President Alexander Lukashenka at the talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg.

“I ask you to consider the question of a mirror answer to these things. No overkill. They train to carry nuclear warheads— can you please help us to at least adapt the planes that we have that can carry nuclear weapons, — he said.

Lukashenko noted that Belarus must be ready to use the most serious weapons in order to protect “the fatherland from Brest to Vladivostok.”

“You said that you could answer in a mirror way. It is possible, but you and I don’t even need to answer this in a mirror way, — Putin said. He agreed with Lukashenka on the issue that countries need to ensure the security of the Union State and other CSTO countries.

At the same time, the Russian president noted that the Belarusian army has a lot of Su-25 aircraft in service. “They could be retrofitted accordingly. True, this modernization should be carried out at aircraft factories in Russia,»,— proposed by Putin.

He also announced that within the next few months Moscow would supply Iskander-M tactical missile systems to Minsk. They can use

ballistic and cruise missiles in both conventional and nuclear versions.

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instructionsFrom May 1 to May 26, the annual defense exercises Defender Europe and Swift Response 2022 were held in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and six other countries. 18 thousand military personnel from more than 20 states took part in them, including about 7 thousand people and 3 thousand pieces of equipment on the territory of Poland. Among the participants were the military from the United States, France, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the UK.

In early May, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced that NATO had doubled its military contingent in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. The department warned that strike groups could be created near the borders of Belarus and Russia as soon as possible.

On May 26, Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said that under the guise of exercises, NATO reconnaissance aircraft were studying the territory of Belarus, BelTA reported.

From June 6 to 9, annual military exercises were held in the airspace of the Baltic states -NATO and allied air forces Ramstein Alloy. The military worked out the protection of the airspace, conducting communication and control procedures, escorting aircraft, identifying air targets, as well as search and rescue operations.

Against the background of the exercises, from the beginning of May, Belarus began a sudden check of the reaction forces. On June 1, the country's Ministry of Defense reported that the third stage of the exercises was still underway.

On June 23, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Moscow and Minsk should take urgent measures to strengthen the defense capability of the Union State, increase the combat readiness of the regional group of troops and the unified regional air defense system.

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