Sandu hoped for Moldova’s accession to the EU together with Pridnestrovie

The people of Transnistria are interested in European integration together with Moldova because of the economic advantages, the differences should be resolved before joining the organization, Sandu said. In Tiraspol, the goal was rapprochement with Russia Moldova's accession to the EU together with Pridnestrovie” />

Maia Sandu

Moldova should become a member of the European Union together with Pridnestrovie, the conflict with the unrecognized republic should be resolved before joining the union, Moldovan President Maia Sandu said on the Prime TV channel.< /p>

“I think this perspective can make the process of finding a solution to the conflict easier, because our citizens on the other side also want wages, jobs, rights protection,” tagged Sandu.

At the same time, the President of Moldova expressed confidence that the Transnistrian conflict would not hinder the country on the path to European integration. A similar opinion was expressed on Moldova 1 by the speaker of the Moldovan parliament, Igor Grosu. He said: “Even the so-called leadership of the Transnistrian region has seen how important it is to cooperate with the EU. Perhaps they are still far from European values, but in economic terms, they are well aware of what economic advantages the EU provides.

He called the statements of the Transnistrian authorities about the unwillingness of European integration on the part of the inhabitants of the region, he called “nonsense, which they from time to time carry» at the insistence of Moscow.

According to Sandu, the inhabitants of Transnistria will support Moldova's aspirations to join the European Union, she stated this at the end of June in an interview with RFI. “I am sure that they want, like those on the right bank, to live in a country where there are enough economic opportunities for people, in a country where their rights are respected, where the state is strong enough to provide quality services, to ensure security.” .

At the same time, the Transnistrian authorities questioned Sandu's assessment of the mood of the inhabitants of the region. Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev said on the TV channel “Russia 24” that there is a “tradition of referendums” in the republic; and the vector of the region's development involves gaining independence and rapprochement with Russia. The Minister argued that the inhabitants of Moldova and Transnistria have “different identities”, which makes it almost impossible to unite them.

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“The leadership of Moldova must admit that if they have made their choice without asking the inhabitants of Transnistria, then they need to sit down at the negotiating table and sign a peace agreement with us, mutually recognize each other and close this conflict,” — stressed Ignatiev (quote from NewsMaker).

The decision to grant Moldova the status of a candidate member of the EU was announced by the head of the European Council Charles Michel on June 23, together with Chisinau, Kyiv also received it. The day before, the granting of the status was approved by MEPs, the initiative was supported by 529 people, 45 refused to do so, 14 abstained. Michel called the results of the vote a “historic moment”. more importantly, it gives hope. We— a small country that would be safer in the EU family, — Sandu said at a press conference, broadcast by Digi24. President warns Moldovans face 'long and hard work' on the way to the European Union, but in Chisinau they are ready for “any political costs”.

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