Zelensky’s office rules out Ukraine’s steps to join NATO

Zelensky's office: Ukraine will not take steps to join NATO Nevertheless, Ukraine expects the North Atlantic Alliance to confirm partnership with Kyiv and hopes that any references to Russia as a partner will be removed from the new NATO strategic concept

Ukraine will not take steps to join NATO, because the members of the alliance have rejected the aspirations of the country. This was stated by Deputy Head of the Office of the Ukrainian President Igor Zhovkva in an interview with The Financial Times.

Kyiv recognizes that Ukraine's accession to NATO is impossible in the short term, but wants the Alliance to confirm the partnership, he stressed.


In addition, the Ukrainian authorities hope that NATO will recognize Ukraine's central role in European security during a meeting in Spain, where the members of the alliance will determine the strategic direction of the organization for the next decade.

According to Zhovkva, Ukraine also wants any mention of about Russia as a partner were removed from NATO's strategic concept.

“We expect NATO's strategic concept to contain stronger and harsher warnings against the Russian aggressor. Do not be shy, this is my call to NATO members when formulating provisions regarding Russia, — he said.

In early June, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov noted that NATO should consider granting Ukraine “de facto” rather than “de facto” -jure» alliance membership.

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The NATO Summit will take place on June 28-30 in Madrid, where members will discuss the new NATO Strategic Concept Paper. This document will guide the alliance for the next decade.

The Strategic Concept sets out NATO's purpose, nature and fundamental security objectives, and the challenges and opportunities the Alliance faces in a changing security environment.

In the current Strategic Concept, Active Engagement, Modern defense» (2010) outlined three main objectives: collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security.

The possibility of Ukraine joining NATO has been discussed for at least the last decades. In April last year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called NATO membership the only way to end the conflict in Donbas.

The Kremlin has repeatedly said that Ukraine's possible entry into the alliance threatens Russia's security, and NATO itself has been accused of “pumping” ; Ukraine with weapons and “invasion” on the territory of the country “with its own infrastructure”.

After the start of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly called on NATO to accept the country into the alliance. However, in early March, Zelensky said that Kyiv “has cooled” to this question. “We realized that NATO is not ready to accept Ukraine— the alliance fears contradictions and confrontation with Russia. We will never beg for something on our knees,— he said then.

Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak admitted that Ukraine could refuse to join NATO if there are security guarantees for the country.

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