French companies urged to cut energy consumption “immediately”

Engie, EDF and TotalEnergies said that energy prices are skyrocketing amid reduced supplies from Russia. In their opinion, this may threaten the social and political unity of France

France's three energy companies— Engie, EDF and TotalEnergies— urged citizens and businesses “immediately” limit the consumption of electricity, gas and oil products against the backdrop of a reduction in gas supplies from Russia and rising energy prices. An open letter from the CEOs was published in Le Journal du Dimanche.

«We call for awareness and collective and individual action so that each of us— every consumer, every company— changed their behavior and immediately limited the consumption of energy, electricity, gas and oil products, — they said.

This will help “create some wiggle room” that may need to be made during future consumption peaks and geopolitical upheavals, the letter says.

The heads of Engie, EDF and TotalEnergies stressed that the European energy system is under serious pressure, recalling that Russian gas supplies have plummeted, including to France. The companies clarified that the country's LNG imports are still insufficient to cover the drop in volumes, and due to climatic conditions, hydroelectric power production has decreased.

“The soaring energy prices caused by these difficulties threaten our social and political unity, and has too much influence on the purchasing power of families,” — power engineers said.

They reminded. that they have already mobilized their capacities in response to the current situation, including devirsifying supplies, introducing “preemptive filling”; storage facilities, reactivated a number of energy infrastructure facilities.

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“But the best energy— the one we don't consume,— company executives emphasized.

In mid-June, Gazprom reduced gas supplies via Nord Stream; by 40%. The company reported that the reason was the delay of the German Siemens to return gas pumping units from repair, as well as engine malfunctions.

The next day, gas pumping was reduced even more due to the shutdown of another gas turbine engine.

On the reduction of received from “Gazprom” gas volumes were reported by European companies, including Engie, Austrian OMV, German Uniper, Italian Eni. Bloomberg wrote that if supply disruptions continue, price increases could increase, accelerating inflation in the eurozone.

On June 17, the French pipeline operator GRTgaz reported that France had stopped receiving gas from Germany. At the same time, GRTgaz noted that the decrease in these volumes is compensated by the growth of imports from Spain. He also stressed that gas storage facilities in France are 56% full, which is 6% higher than usual at this time of the year.

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