Johnson announced the end of the “party” for Russian energy carriers

The Prime Minister of Great Britain, in particular, counts on the help of the OPEC countries with the supply of energy resources instead of Russian

Boris Johnson

G7 countries realize that the “party” for Russian hydrocarbons has come to an end, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in an interview with CNN.

“I think here at the G7 [summit] we all realize that the party is over for Russian hydrocarbons. Everyone is trying to find ways to adapt, — Johnson said.

In the short term, countries need to find hydrocarbons “somewhere else,” he said. At the same time, the British Prime Minister pointed to the heroic efforts of some states in the current situation. “However, in the long term, we need to work together on green solutions we all believe in,— he added.

Johnson is counting on help with energy supplies from other sources, including OPEC countries.

In early March, the UK and the US announced their decision to stop importing Russian oil (both countries are less depended on Russian supplies, unlike Europe).

The EU decided to impose a partial embargo on Russian oil only at the beginning of June. The ban will affect only maritime shipments. The European Union has not yet begun to restrict imports through the Druzhba oil pipeline, on which Hungary depends. Brussels for a long time could not agree on a ban on oil imports from Russia because of the position of Budapest.

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Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak warned at the end of March that “without Russian hydrocarbons, the gas and oil markets would collapse” ;. Russia has already begun to increase supplies to other markets.

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Boris Johnson

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June 19, 1964

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