The UN Secretary General said that the world cannot do without Russian grain and fertilizers

UN Secretary-General António Guterres reported “intense contacts” with Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the EU and the USA on the export of Ukrainian products across the Black Sea, as well as on the export of Russian grains and fertilizers, without which “the world cannot do”. His words are available on the UN website.

“There were intensive contacts both with Ukrainians and with Russians and Turks, and on the other hand with the US and the EU to promote the safe and reliable export of Ukrainian food products in the Black Sea and, at the same time, the export of Russian grains and fertilizers, which the world cannot do without.” ;,— Guterres said.

Guterres has repeatedly urged Russia and Ukraine to find a way to resume grain exports in order to resolve the food crisis. According to the data referred to by the Secretary General, the combined share of Russia and Ukraine in world wheat exports reached approximately 29%.

In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated that Moscow was ready to help resolve the global food crisis, and offered to increase the export of fertilizers and agricultural products in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. According to Putin, the current situation in the food market was provoked by “erroneous economic and financial policies”; Western countries and their sanctions against Russia.

Against the background of the Russian special operation, ships with grain for export stopped leaving Ukrainian ports. Kyiv accused Moscow of blocking the ports and called on the international community to take part in resolving the situation.

The Russian authorities have stated that they do not interfere with exports by sea and that for the safe exit of the ships, the Ukrainian side must clear the ports. Moscow also linked the global food crisis to the sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia.

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