Why was a criminal case opened against the ambulance doctors who saved Shatunov?

A criminal case was opened against the ambulance doctors who transported Yuri Shatunov from the hospital in the village of Rastunovo to the Domodedovo hospital. representative of the singer Arkady Kudryashov.

“Now a criminal case has been opened against the ambulance doctors. Therefore, at first we were not allowed to bury Yura, we were not given the body. Well & nbsp; let them check, though Shatunov will no longer be returned & nbsp; & nbsp; & mdash; cites the words of Kudryashov «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

Shatunov died on the night of 23 June in 49th year of his life. Death occurred as a result of acute heart failure caused by a massive myocardial infarction, said Andrei Osipov, head physician of the Domodedovo Central City Hospital, to RIA Novosti.

What are the claims against doctors?

According to Kudryashov, Shatunov became ill at the table: suddenly he grabbed his chest and it became difficult for him to breathe. The artist's comrades, who were vacationing with him in the Moscow region, called an ambulance. As the representative of the singer notes, the dispatcher said that the ambulance would have to wait a long time and they advised to bring Shatunov to the hospital on their own. Friends took the performer to the nearest emergency room, the doctors examined Shatunov and came to the conclusion that the case was serious and it was necessary to take him to the hospital. For this, an ambulance brigade was assigned, “just some kind of ancient gazelle without equipment,” Kudryashov noted.

In the end, Shatunov died along the way. In & nbsp; the hospital tried to “start” him, but it didn't work out, the representative of the artist added. He  believes that the singer could no longer be saved, since his “heart swelled and broke”. At the same time, as Kudryashov notes, Shatunov suffered for about forty minutes before his death, “couldn't stand on his feet.”stated that Shatunov was brought in in a serious condition. According to him, the ambulance team that delivered the artist from the village of Rastunovo reacted quickly, there are no complaints against her. But on the road Shatunov became «very ill», a heart attack caused a heart rhythm disturbance, and  the process spread to the entire heart muscle, the head physician noted.

Also, earlier, the Moscow Regional Ambulance Station denied reports from some media and Telegram channels that the ambulance dispatcher refused to send a brigade to Shatunov. The medical institution told Life.ru that the administration of the organization listened to the records of calls received at the ambulance console during the period when Shatunov's comrades turned there. It turned out that the caller specified the location of the nearest hospital. The dispatcher provided an exhaustive answer and offered to issue a call. But the caller refused and stated that he would take the patient to the medical facility, the regional ambulance station noted.

The institution also reported that at 23:46 an ambulance was called to the Rastunov hospital for medical evacuation of the patient to the regional vascular center.

“Three minutes later, the ambulance was on the  ;place and immediately started providing emergency assistance and medevacuation», — told the publication.

According to the representative of the medical institution, the ambulance arrived was fully equipped with medical equipment in accordance with the regulations. It included a resuscitation kit, ventilators, ECG and defibrillators.



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