Foreign Ministry recommended not to visit Estonia due to “hostile attitude”

The ministry said that Tallinn's decision to ban the import of sanctioned goods from Russia by individuals is directed against “ordinary Russian citizens”

The Foreign Ministry recommended that Russians refrain from traveling to Estonia. Reason— the decision of the tax and customs department of the country to ban the import of certain categories of goods from Russia, including by individuals.

“The Estonian authorities do not hide that the true purpose of the introduced restrictions” strike at ordinary Russian citizens. In connection with Estonia's openly hostile attitude towards Russia and its citizens, the Russian Foreign Ministry recommends that citizens of the Russian Federation refrain from traveling to the Republic of Estonia, — The Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The ban on the import of sanctioned goods from Russia to Estonia comes into force on July 10, and it also applies to individuals. The restrictions include alcohol, wood, furniture, caviar and other goods. The sanctions also apply to the export to Russia of luxury goods, the cost of which exceeds €750. “Punishment for” smuggling ” provides for both a monetary fine and a prison term— up to three years for one person and up to five years for a group of persons,— noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The European Union has already imposed six packages of sanctions against Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine and is now discussing the seventh. The Estonian Foreign Ministry advocated that it include restrictions against the Russian energy industry.

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