“Riding is a pleasure.” The most beautiful road in the Russian Federation is being improved under the national project

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Summer in Russia, although short, is hot, especially for road builders — in a few warm months, it is necessary to build and renovate kilometers of roads connecting the cities and regions of our vast country with each other. In 2022, in spite of everything, there are big plans: to build and reconstruct more than 230 km of federal roads.

Part of the facilities are already ready — by the end of June, 41.6 km were put into operation in the regions of Russia, here not only the pavement was reconstructed, but also all the necessary road infrastructure was created. Work on federal roads is carried out under the national project “Safe and high-quality roads”.

The Chuysky tract in the Altai Territory is being expanded to four lanes. Photo: Uprdor "Altai".

A road with a rich history…

One of the renovated objects, which has already been opened to traffic, — section of the Chuysky tract — a road that stretches from Novosibirsk to Mongolia and, according to National Geographic magazine, is one of the five most beautiful roads in the world.

In the Altai Territory, a ten-kilometer section of the tract, which bears the official name R-256, was reconstructed from 173 to 183 km on the border of Talmensky and Pervomaisky districts. Cars drove over it on May 26. Date special — on this day, exactly one hundred years ago, the Chuisky tract was recognized as a state road.

It remains so today, only every year it becomes more comfortable. And the section that was reconstructed in 2022, — confirms this.

The road has been widened to four lanes. As the head of FKU Uprdor "Altai" Anatoly Volkov, U-turn loops and transition lanes were equipped here, and a two-level road junction was erected near the Ozerki station, so that it would be convenient for residents of nearby villages to travel to the federal highway.

On federal highways, according to the national project, they not only update the surface, but also create all the necessary road infrastructure, including lighting. Photo: Uprdor "Altai".

“In the area of ​​the village of Ozerki, an underground pedestrian crossing was built, oncoming flows were separated by a metal barrier fence, and a parking lot for heavy trucks was arranged. In addition, new electric lighting lines were installed on a 14-kilometer section,” said Anatoly Volkov.

During the reconstruction of the Chuisky tract, the road builders used a technology that has proven itself well in Altai. Cement concrete was placed at the base of the structure. This is a solid “foundation” that does not give drawdowns. The roadway itself was paved with crushed-stone-mastic asphalt concrete, the resistance of which is higher than that of ordinary asphalt. Marina Yaskova, the section of the tract was reconstructed earlier than planned. According to the schedule, the segment was supposed to be put into operation in November 2022, but it will be finally ready in August. Now the final work is underway on the roadsides, traffic is open on the road itself, it is completely ready. ” height=”533″ width=”800″ style=”display: block;” />

At the heart of the construction of the road — cement concrete, top — crushed stone mastic asphalt concrete pavement. Photo: Uprdor "Altai".

…and modern quality

“At the beginning of the summer I spent my vacation in Altai, — tells aif.ru a tourist from Irkutsk Mikhail Vorontsov. — There are many sights there, and my family and I wanted to see everything so much that in 10 days we “wound” by car more than two thousand kilometers. I especially liked to ride along the Chuysky tract — I have never seen such a picturesque and high-quality road in terms of road coverage. Travel around it — a pleasure».

“Many people note the quality of federal roads in Altai. We achieve this through the use of modern design solutions and materials, as well as through stable funding from the federal budget, — says Marina Yaskova.

She notes that in the Altai Territory, road builders are focusing on expanding the Chuisky tract, since there is a very high traffic intensity: more than 20 thousand cars pass every day on the sections from Barnaul to Novosibirsk. According to the programs of the federal road agency, five sections of the highway are being expanded this year: three of them with a length of 14.5 km will be opened by December, two more — 12.6 km — is planned to be put into operation at the end of 2023.

In the Altai Republic, where there is less traffic, work is being done to improve coverage. Repair work is underway this year on more than a hundred kilometers of the road.

A two-level interchange was erected near the Ozerki station on the Chuisky tract. Photo: Uprdor "Altai".

From «Caspian» to the “Yenisei”

Federal highways under the national project are being updated not only in Altai. Another major object of this year — section of the R-22 “Kaspiy” road from 903 to 922 km in the Volgograd region. The work there was divided into three stages, the first two are already behind. 16 km of the renovated track — here the road was doubled to increase its capacity to 40,000 vehicles per day.

During the third stage, another interchange will appear, an elevated pedestrian crossing, and the second phase of the construction of a bridge over the river is also planned Tishanka.

Around the Chuya tract — picturesque places, it is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Photo: Uprdor "Altai".

Another federal railway, which is being reconstructed according to the national project, — R-257 “Yenisei”. Road builders are renovating the section from 389 to 397 km in Khakassia. Here, the roadway is being expanded from two to four lanes, and an overpass is being erected over the regional road Ust-Abakan — Chernogorsk to separate traffic flows. The construction of this facility is already at the finish line, the overall readiness of the facility is estimated at 90%. 

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