What kind of unmanned attack helicopters are they planning to produce in Russia?

In Russia, they plan to produce attack helicopter drones weighing 750 kilograms to destroy enemy manpower and lightly armored vehicles. The Russian Helicopters holding can become a manufacturer of 750-kilogram unmanned aerial vehicles.


It is planned to produce drones that will be built according to a single-rotor scheme with a tail rotor, that is, like a classic helicopter . The advantage of this scheme is the simplicity of design and control system, which leads to a reduction in production, repair and maintenance costs. However, the tail rotor takes away part of the engine power (up to 10%) and at the same time does not provide either lift or forward thrust, and besides, it is vulnerable when flying close to the ground. 

Purpose< /h2>

It will be a multifunctional reconnaissance and strike drone that can be used to search for and destroy enemy personnel, lightly armored vehicles, and other targets.

The drone can carry a payload of up to 200 kilograms, which is very good with its weight of 750 kilograms. In the basic configuration, it will have a gyro-stabilized optoelectronic system, an aiming system and six all-round cameras. The unmanned helicopter will be equipped with a tank version of the Kalashnikov machine gun with an ammunition capacity of 550 rounds, a firing range of almost 4 kilometers. Also, the drone will be equipped with eight unguided rockets and 16 anti-tank bombs.

What is it for?

Today in Russia there are no serial helicopter attack drones with a developed set of weapons, and such a machine would be useful, for example, when operating in urban areas or at the forefront. In addition to performing tasks over land, this kind of drones could be used in the Navy, both in terms of improving situational awareness and in terms of making it possible to quickly hit targets at sea.


The closest competitor of the planned drone in Russia — This is Aeromax's SH-750 UAV. The 800-kilogram drone belongs to the same type, which was created on the basis of the Skymak-3001 manned helicopter. The work on the project was carried out by NPO Aviation Systems, however, the status of the project, announced in 2017, is unknown. Emirati UAV Garmousha. Another drone belongs to the French — VSR700 developed by Airbus Helicopters for the country's Navy based on the Guimbal Cabri G2 manned helicopter. 

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