What tactics do the T-90M Proryv-3 tanks use in Ukraine?

A video has appeared on the Internet showing the operation of the T-90M “Proryv-3” tank. in battles — the destruction of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and protection by an aerosol curtain is shown. The  frame got the moment when the T-90M uses an aerosol smoke screen from  ATGM, and also fires from the main gun — upgraded 125mm A46M-5 cannon.


T-90M received dynamic protection “Relic” and & nbsp; nodes of the “Afghanit” complex. This active protection complex, among other things, is ready to automatically throw out aerosol grenades, hiding the tank from the enemy's guidance systems behind a cloud of thick, white and dense smoke — this technique was demonstrated in the video. After creating a smoke screen, it is easier for the tank to leave the battlefield or, conversely, to get closer to the enemy. In addition, you can hide a tank company in the smoke.


This is a Russian active defense complex, which has long-range radars and  optical direction finders warning of threats, therefore it is also used for reconnaissance of ground and air targets, and not only scenarios protection of armored vehicles, but and           attacking actions. “Afghanite” include the integration of a fire control system for an aggressive fire response in the event of an attack on protected armored vehicles.

“Afghanite” has the ability to control a robotic machine gun mount for the destruction of incoming ammunition, it can even detect shells attacking armored vehicles due to additional two high-speed short-range Doppler radars.

None of sight visible

ATGM blinding systems, which include the “Afghanita” curtain system, are safe for own infantry and equipment, have a higher probability of repelling an attack, and also allow you to cover the tank from a simultaneous attack by several anti-tank weapons at once.

< p>The dazzling complex, having noticed ATGMs by  radar and optical direction finders and spraying only 2 kg of aerosol, creates a cloud that is opaque in all spectra, which will cover the earth's surface by about 2000 m² area. Blinding complexes have a great potential for increasing efficiency through the use of more advanced aerosols on nanotechnology from microscopic balls and threads, as well as the use of     infrared and radio traps.


< p>Previously, the technical complexity of using the complex was represented by the fact that the aerosol cloud needs time to open up. But in 1-2 seconds, the ATGM overcomes about 200 500 m, so the means of detecting missiles at a greater distance than in conventional KAZ were required. In "Afghanite" for the first time combined ultraviolet direction finders, infrared cameras and  long-range AFAR radar for KAZ, which makes it possible to quite reliably determine ATGMs at a long distance, at least by one of methods and therefore, it is reliable to install aerosol curtains.

“Afghanite” uses controlled grenade launchers with content like this. This allows using less aerosol and  traps to achieve greater effect due to the fact that they are placed not around the tank, but between the tank and ATGM. In addition, “Afghanit” has vertical launchers for grenade curtains for better closing of the upper hemisphere above the tank — this part is the most vulnerable.

Aerosol composition

The developers of “Afghanit” declare progressive technology of metallized aerosols — rapid creation of a “smoke-metal cloud”; by detonating aerosol grenades, which is opaque in the visible, infrared and microwave radio bands. This technology allows the use of different types of metallized fillers in aerosols.


T-90M “Proryv” created on the basis of the most commercially successful tank in the world T-90. The new development vehicle has been supplied to the tank forces of the Russian army since April 2020.

The T-90M received a fundamentally new turret module, which differs from the serial ones in previous versions. “Eyes” The T-90M serves as a multi-channel sight with thermal imaging, television, sighting and rangefinder channels, as well as a missile control channel. The latest electronic devices ensure round-the-clock use. The commander's station has eight triplexes and a video surveillance system that provides a complete overview. The T-90M differs from the basic version of the tank in a new turret module with multi-layer armor.

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