A lawyer who knows a Moroccan sentenced to death in the DPR assessed his psyche

“Adequate, albeit odd”

Psychopathy, which was diagnosed in a Moroccan sentenced to death in the Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) Brahim Saadoun, will not help to avoid the execution of the sentence . According to Russian lawyer Igor Vagin, who spoke with the foreigner during the preliminary investigation, Saadoun seemed to him quite adequate, albeit with oddities.

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Recall that information about psychopathy in Brahim Saadoun appeared in the Russian media on Wednesday, July 29. “Moroccan citizen Brahim Saadoun suffers from psychopathy. This result was shown by a psychiatric examination,” a source familiar with the case materials told TASS.

One of the Russian lawyers, Igor Vagin, who participated in the interrogation of a foreigner during the preliminary investigation, told our publication what impression his client made:

– To be honest, I doubt that he has a psychopathy. During one of the interrogations, I spoke with Saadoun one-on-one from 9 pm to 5 am. In my opinion, in terms of character, he is something in between, between phlegm and sanguine. Such a smiling guy, with a share of self-irony, – said the lawyer.

However, one phrase that Saadoun repeated more than once cut the ear.

Answering one of the questions, he said that he joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to “train”. He then said that his father was also a military man, a paratrooper, so he decided to follow in his footsteps. When asked why he didn’t go to “train”, for example, in Sudan, he replied that they were killed there for mercenarism … Perhaps he used the phrase “train”, because Russian is not his native language, and he could not pick up a more appropriate word,” Vagin said.

During the interrogation, it seems that Saadoun also demonstrated some ingenuity – he did not want to interrupt the night interrogation and return to the cell, because he seemed more comfortable in the investigator’s office.

– He was offered to interrupt the interrogation and take him away, but he refused, they say, it is warm in the investigator's office, there is a toilet, food and a soft sofa.

According to Vagin, the psychopathy that Saadoun was diagnosed with will not affect the sentence.

– During the forensic psychiatric examination, the question is raised: “Could the diagnosis affect the ability to realize the social danger of actions and lead them?” If, as such, there is a peculiarity of the nervous system, but Saadoun was aware of what he was doing, that is, he was sane, then he could not escape the sentence.

Recall that in early June, 21-year-old Moroccan Brahim Saadoun was found guilty in the crimes provided for by the articles of the Criminal Code of the DPR “Training for the purpose of carrying out terrorist activities”, “Forcible seizure of power or forcible retention of power.” The foreigner came to Ukraine in 2019, a year later he entered the faculty of aerodynamic and space technologies of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. In December 2021, he dropped out of school and signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine for three years, joining the ranks of the 36th Marine Brigade.

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