Petersburg explained the restriction of access to the exhibition about the battles for Mariupol

The organizers accused local officials of disrupting the Battle for Mariupol exhibition. The vice-governor explained that the officials wanted to comply with the law and avoid the “ambiguous” placement of Nazi symbols next to the NVO symbols

Access to the exhibition “Battle for Mariupol” in the Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg was limited due to incorrect design: it presented items with Nazi symbols without appropriate explanations, which is prohibited by law, Fontanka said. Vice Governor of St. Petersburg Boris Piotrovsky.

Earlier, the organizers of the exhibition from the educational center for patriotic education “Leningrad Volunteer” accused local officials and Tatyana Bogolyubov, deputy head of the Pushkinsky district, of disrupting the event, reported. According to them, the officials demanded to remove the “figures of Givi and Motorola” from the exhibition, as well as “remove the letter Z”, explaining this, among other things, by the fact that a number of artists refused to go on stage next to this symbolism.

< p>“The deputy head of the district drew the attention of the organizers of the thematic exhibition to the incorrect design of the exposition. It included trophy items with Nazi and fascist symbols. According to federal law, the display of such items is prohibited unless the display contains appropriate explanations, — said Piotrovsky.

According to him, next to these exhibits were the symbols of the special operation, which, as the vice-governor noted, created a “provocative, ambiguous combination.”

In this regard, the deputy head of the administration of Pushkinsky district recommended restricting access to the tent to children under 18 years of age and posting an “18+” warning, Piotrovsky continued. “Such interference caused an emotional reaction among the organizers and a misinterpretation of what happened. At the same time, the exposition continued its work until the end of the festival»,— he added.

As the LenTV24 TV channel reported, the exhibition featured “dozens of exhibits from the places of the special operation,” which were collected and brought by the volunteers of the “Leningrad Volunteer.” After the scandal around the event, the administration of the Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg began an audit. The leader of A Just Russia also drew attention to the incident. Sergei Mironov. He stated that he was outraged by the “censorship” on the part of the officials and “it’s time for the gentlemen and ladies from the administration to decide: either they support the president and the SVO, or they leave the civil service.” The deputy added that he insists on checking and will send an appeal to the governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

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