Scholz laughingly avoided answering about security guarantees for Ukraine

The journalist asked the German Chancellor to specify what security guarantees for Ukraine were discussed at the G7 summit. Olaf Scholz answered yes to the request, but did not specify

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, laughing, avoided a direct answer to the question about security guarantees promised to Ukraine. The video of Scholz's press conference after the G7 summit in Germany was published by the newspaper Die Welt.

The journalist asked the chancellor if he could specify what he was talking about.

Scholz answered in the affirmative and laughed. «Might»,— he said, after which he paused. “That's it,” — added the head of the German government with a smile and spread his hands.

In a G7 statement, about support for Ukraine, in particular, it is said that the countries will provide assistance to Kyiv “as much as necessary.” The countries expressed their readiness to agree with all interested states on long-term security guarantees for Ukraine “in order to ensure a viable world and its free and democratic future.” In particular, the “seven” intends to expand cooperation in the field of intelligence and information exchange, information, maritime and energy security, and will continue to support Ukraine in countering disinformation and interference in democratic processes.

Ukraine insisted on providing it with international security guarantees, in exchange it is ready to agree to a non-bloc and non-nuclear status, which is what Russia wanted. According to the head of the Ukrainian delegation at the talks with Moscow, David Arakhamia, Kyiv wants it “to be an international treaty that will be signed and ratified by all guarantors so as not to repeat the mistakes of the Budapest Memorandum.” This document provided guarantees for the security and territorial integrity of Ukraine in exchange for its renunciation of nuclear weapons.

Even before the start of the Russian military operation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Munich Security Conference threatened to revise the Budapest Memorandum. Later, in the Zelensky party “Servant of the People” offered to replace it with other guarantees. “Since joining NATO is impossible in the coming years, we cannot use only the lines in the Constitution about the course towards [membership] in the alliance to protect our state,” — spoke in the ruling party.

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In Negotiation with Russia, Kyiv, in particular, demanded guarantees by analogy with the fifth article of the NATO Charter on collective defense (it means that an attack on one of the NATO members will be considered an attack on all members of the alliance). In exchange, Ukraine was ready to consolidate neutral and non-nuclear status.

Among the possible guarantors, Kyiv named, in particular, the permanent members of the UN Security Council (Russia, the USA, Great Britain, France and China), as well as Germany, Turkey and Israel.

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