Switzerland urged to stop the policy of blockade and sanctions against Russia

Europe should start negotiating with Putin

Voices are multiplying in the international community criticizing the blockade, boycott and sanctions policies of the US, EU and NATO against Russia. In particular, a member of the Swiss People's Party and entrepreneur Magdalena Martullo-Blocher called for an end to the blockade of Russia and start negotiating with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

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In an interview with Die Freie Welt, the politician said that the heads of European states need to realize their responsibility and recognize their dependence on Russian gas instead of fueling the conflict. Martullo-Blocher is convinced that Europe needs to negotiate with the Russian president not only about a stable gas supply until at least next spring, but also about peace.

The Swiss politician stressed that the sanctions did not have any effect on Russia effect, but gas in Europe at the same time became seven times more expensive, which leads to huge problems in Germany. According to a study by the German Institute for Macroeconomic Research, a gas shortage could cause a 12% drop in the country's gross domestic product.

Moreover, Martullo-Blocher added that the energy shortage in the neighboring state could affect Switzerland, which , in turn, depends on electricity imports from other countries. According to the politician, if there is not enough gas abroad, then the exported electricity will decrease, and the Swiss will have to “sit in the dark.”

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