What are the rules for returning rehabilitation equipment?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 26. Capital evidence 29/06/2022 Plot Social insurance

If to return the technical means of rehabilitation purchased using an electronic certificate, can I purchase it myself, with the subsequent payment of compensation?

If you return the technical means of rehabilitation to a valid certificate, then the returned amount is restored to certificate, and you are considered to have that type of TCP backed by the certificate because you can make a purchase. In this case, you should not apply for compensation or provision of TSR, it will be rejected. First you need to apply for a certificate waiver. 

If you return the purchased rehabilitation device to a certificate that you have refused or has expired, then you are considered not covered by this type of TCP and you can either purchase technical means of rehabilitation yourself and apply for compensation, or apply for security and the technical means of rehabilitation will be provided to you by the Social Insurance Fund.


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