What is an electronic certificate for the purchase of TCP?

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I heard that now Rehabilitation aids can be purchased using an electronic certificate. Please tell us what it is.

Electronic certificate for the purchase of technical means of rehabilitation – this is an electronic entry in the registry, which is registered on the number of the MIR bank card issued by any bank in the Russian Federation. The funds themselves are not transferred to the card, but are reserved in the Federal Treasury before the purchase is made. When paying for the goods, the reserved funds are transferred directly to the seller.

Certificate ­contains:

  • the type of rehab­technique (TCP) that can be purchased using the certificate (­chair-­ wheelchair, hearing aid, etc.);
  • number of technical means of rehabilitation (TCP);
  • the maximum price of a unit of TRM that can be paid with a certificate without using own funds;
  • Validity period during which the certificate can be used to pay for TCP.

The electronic certificate was introduced to better accommodate the individual needs of people in need of rehabilitation. After all, a person can choose for himself what additional functions he would like to have in his device, which manufacturer makes them more convenient. This means that manufacturers have an incentive to improve quality in order to compete more successfully. At the same time, two other ways to provide TCP – personal appeal to the Social Insurance Fund and independent purchase with subsequent payment of compensation – also saved.

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