What services does the Social Insurance Fund provide to citizens?

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After an injury at work unable to return to their previous job duties. Can I take retraining courses free of charge to get a new job?

The expenses that are provided for by the rehabilitation program of the victim are paid by the Social Insurance Fund. Therefore, if for ­medical reasons you cannot return to your previous place of work, then the Foundation must conclude a contract with educational institutions and pay for professional testing to the victim in the workplace in order to choose the direction of work and conduct additional training in the chosen profile. 

What other services does the Social Insurance Fund provide to citizens:

  • payment of temporary disability benefits (illness, child care, etc.) ;
  • payment of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth, lump-sum allowance for the birth of a child;
  • payments and compensations in connection with an occupational disease or accident at work;
  • provision of free vouchers for sanatorium treatment for citizens of privileged categories, including disabled people injured at work, as well as payment for travel to and from the place of treatment;
  • providing disabled people and those injured at work , strollers, hearing aids, diapers, etc.).

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