Putin criticized Johnson’s words about the woman president and the war

And reminded the forgetful prime minister about Thatcher

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking to reporters, skeptically assessed the statement of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the special operation in Ukraine.

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Recall that in an interview with ZDF, the head of the British Cabinet suggested that Putin would not have launched a special operation in Ukraine if was a woman.

“This is not a very correct reference to what is happening today,” the Russian leader remarked.

He also reminded Johnson of his predecessor, Margaret Thatcher, who, as prime minister, , decided on hostilities.

“In this regard, I want to recall the events of recent history, when Thatcher decided to start hostilities against Argentina we are for the Falkland Islands …. Where are these islands and where is Britain? This was dictated by nothing more than imperial ambitions, a confirmation of one's imperial status,” Putin said.

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