The doctor spoke about the diseases that can be earned at their summer cottage

Therapist Nadezhda Chernysheva told "Evening Moscow" about diseases that may arise due to excessive work in the summer cottage. 

According to her, while working in the garden, problems with the lower back and the spine may appear. The doctor noted that this was due to ignorance of what position to work in. Chernysheva said that the greatest danger is  frequent bending and lifting of weights, which cause exacerbation muscle-tonic syndrome, hernia and sciatica. In addition, the doctor noted that back injuries are especially common after construction work in a summer cottage. 

Also Chernysheva said that actions in  positions where the head is below the level of the heart. According to her, in the inverted position, blood circulation is disturbed, which causes headaches, a hypertensive crisis and impaired cerebral circulation.

The doctor also recalled the importance of observing a number of rules when working in the sun, especially  at midday hours. According to the expert, the presence of a headgear and  correctly selected clothes will help to avoid sunburn, dehydration, heat and sunstroke.

Earlier the dermatocosmetologist told about how to most effectively care for your skin in summer period.

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