The head of the RVIO Medinsky: The first partition of the Commonwealth was not the partition of Poland

For Russia The first section of the Commonwealth — not the division of Poland, but the reunification of future Belarusian and Ukrainian lands with Russian territory. This was stated in an exclusive interview for by the head of the Russian Military Historical Society, Vladimir Medinsky.

“Who divided what there? Is that Prussia with Austria. And who lived there for centuries?.. That is, Russia defended the rights of the Orthodox, Russian-speaking population, mercilessly materially and spiritually oppressed by the Polish gentry, », — noted the interlocutor of

During the conversation, Vladimir Medinsky also emphasized that the merit in the “collection of lands” belongs not only to statesmen, but also to ordinary people — representatives of various peoples who inhabited Russia.

“There were both new lands and old ones, once inhabited by Slavs, that is, historically their own, returning territories”, — said the head of the RVIO.

Earlier it was reported that the Polish authorities were furious when they learned that the flag of their state was lowered from the Katyn memorial complex, located in Russia.

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