The Kremlin said that they are waiting for the decision of the EC on the transit of goods to Kaliningrad

The Kremlin is awaiting a decision by the European Commission (EC) on the principles for handling goods that are banned from transiting to Kaliningrad through Lithuania, Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

“We will wait for the announcement. The European Commission is well aware of all our concerns, of the de facto state of affairs. Therefore, we will wait for this reaction,»,— he answered the corresponding question of journalists.

Since June 18, Lithuania has banned the transit of certain goods to the Kaliningrad region and from it to other Russian regions by rail. The 66-page list of prohibited goods included iron and steel products, products for use in the aviation and space industries, perfumes, porcelain and other ceramics, household appliances worth more than €750, purebred horses, truffles, cigars and others. goods subject to EU sanctions. Vilnius said that the measure was introduced in pursuance of EU sanctions and the country does not introduce any unilateral or additional restrictions. The Kremlin called Vilnius's decision illegal and a violation of “everything and everything”.

Earlier, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said that the EC would publish principles for handling goods that fell under the ban on transit through the country in the coming days. He noted that Vilnius opposes the “green corridor for special cargo.”

Compromise can be reached on 10 July. According to Reuters, traffic between Kaliningrad and the rest of Russia may be exempt from sanctions on the grounds that it is not international trade in the full sense. This relief may be introduced on the condition that the goods subject to sanctions will be used exclusively in the Kaliningrad region and not sent further by sea.

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