The United States did not see the need for contacts with Russia on NATO forces in Europe

Kirby: The US has not informed Russia about plans to strengthen its military presence in Europe The US has not contacted Russia on military presence in Europe and believes that this is “not necessary”, said John Kirby

John Kirby

The United States did not inform Russia in advance about its plans to increase its military presence in Europe. This was stated by the coordinator for strategic communications of the National Security Council (NSC) John Kirby, reports CNN. he said.

Pentagon official Celeste Wallander, who deals with international relations, told reporters that NATO's announced measures do not violate any treaties with Russia, including the founding treaty Russia — NATO.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance will increase the rapid reaction force from 40 thousand to 300 thousand people by 2023.

He indicated that these forces will be trained and financed by different states — NATO members to defend the territories of the alliance on the eastern flank. The bloc's plans also include an increase in battle groups and deployment of military equipment in forward positions.

NATO countries at the summit in Madrid adopted a new strategic concept for the next ten years, identifying Russia as “the main threat to security.”

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An increase in the number of NATO troops Stoltenberg announced two days earlier. Prior to this, the newspaper El Pais, citing sources, wrote that during the NATO summit, the countries will discuss increasing the number of military alliances stationed in Europe.

The Kremlin said that the Russian Defense Ministry is developing plans to strengthen the country's western borders in response to strengthening of the North Atlantic alliance on the eastern flank.

On June 29, NATO also officially invited Sweden and Finland to join the alliance. Their membership will have to be approved by the parliaments of 30 countries— members of the military-political bloc.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, warned that the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO could aggravate the already “difficult situation in the field of international security.” According to him, Russia will be forced to respond if additional military infrastructure appears on their territories.

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