Biden: Men will feel the consequences of the decision to have abortions


US President Joe Biden called the Supreme Court's decision about the absence of the constitutional right to abortion appalling. He promised that American men will also feel the consequences of the decision.

“This is a terrible, extreme decision that is upending the lives and affecting the health of millions of women.” Biden said at a virtual meeting with governors. The President of the United States shares public outrage over “this extremist trial that will roll America back.”

He said the Supreme Court ruling on abortion is an invasion of women's personal rights. “We'll see it expand to include men,” the American leader promised.

The Conservative-controlled Supreme Court, through its 1973 Roe v. Wade review, overturned constitutional guarantees for the right to terminate a pregnancy. Now the US states are allowed to independently regulate this area. Almost half of the 50 states intend to ban or significantly restrict abortion.


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