Colonel Khatylev predicted the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Snake “fire bag”

Ukraine does not have anti-aircraft systems to protect the island garrison

In Kyiv, the abandonment of the Serpent Island by Russian troops was expectedly turned into a “overcome”. Moreover, the situation in the Donbass does not give any reasons for joy. However, in the case of the Snake APU, you should not particularly rejoice, on the contrary, you should think a hundred times before returning there. This is the opinion of a military expert, former head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Special Forces Command (Moscow Air Defense District), retired colonel Sergey Khatylev.

Photo: Fotonak

– Our “Tors” and “Shells” really were on Serpentine. They coped with the tasks, shot down planes, drones, Tochka-U missiles. But the Ukrainians do not have such air defense equipment.

Actually, there is nothing to deliver it there, since only small boats remained from the Ukrainian fleet. Their smallest anti-aircraft systems are Buk-M2 and Buk-M1. Boats cannot bring such complexes to the island and unload them. And portable anti-aircraft missile systems – MANPADS have a short range. They will not allow the Ukrainian military to effectively organize air defense. We can easily get this island both from the shore and from the air.

Aviation can easily operate on it, for example, with Kh-22 air-to-surface missiles. Not to mention the Black Sea Fleet. The most effective tool in this case is the Onyx missile systems based on the territory of Crimea. They have been shot at Zmeiny for a long time, with their help you can organize shelling of any targets on the island.

– It was quite expensive to keep a group of troops on this island. She performed tasks there in difficult conditions. At the same time, it was required to provide it – which was quite difficult. Yes, even protect by means of air defense. And now we no longer need to involve the Black Sea Fleet, other forces and means in order to defend Zmeiny, preventing attacks on it.

But most importantly, the operational situation has changed in this area. At first, we needed Serpentine as a springboard for radar stations for reconnaissance of part of the territory of Romania, the Dnieper and the northern part of the Black Sea. Now we have occupied most of the coast in the Kherson region and near Ochakov, and we have the opportunity to place radar stations, anti-aircraft missile systems directly on the coast.

Now we have enough forces and means already on the coast and in the depths of our battle formations in order to conduct reconnaissance in the region of Transnistria and Romania. At first, the Ukrainians hid their aircraft there. Therefore, it was important for us to keep radar reconnaissance stations as close as possible to this territory. Serpentine was the nearest point. At the moment, the number of aviation assets in Ukraine has sharply decreased. Now they are trying to revive abandoned airfields in Western Ukraine. So the relevance of Snake Island in terms of a springboard for air defense and reconnaissance has already been lost. And we have the opportunity to organize this work with less loss of manpower and resources.

– I agree. I think that on the part of Kyiv, the deployment of troops on Serpentine will be a purely political action. The first time, when the entire border garrison of Zmeiny surrendered to us, Zelensky hastened to declare the border guards “killed” and even awarded them “posthumously.” If a decision is made to deploy troops there, then someone will have to be awarded posthumously, in fact. Without air defense there will be a fire bag and a mass grave.


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