Grushko says NATO questioned China’s right to development

Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko: NATO questioned China's right to development =”Grushko said NATO questioned China's right to development” />

NATO questioned China's right to development when it called the country a threat. This was stated by Deputy Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Grushko at a discussion in the international club “Valdai”, RBC correspondent reports.

He considered that NATO went beyond the original mandate, as it should be engaged in maintaining security in the North Atlantic region, and not in the Pacific.

“This is primarily an indicator that NATO is globalizing, NATO declares the whole world a zone interests and, in fact, calls into question the right of China to develop as one of the poles of the already established multipolar world, — said Grushko.

He considered that the announcement of Russia as the main threat— this is “a real bid for confrontation, containment of Russia on all fronts.” According to him, Moscow will assess the situation from a political and military point of view in order to ensure the interests of Russia's security and defense capability.

At the summit in Madrid on June 28 & ndash; 30 June, NATO adopted a new strategy, a document on reforming the alliance until 2030. The alliance called Russia the main military threat, and put China in second place. NATO explained that China is challenging the interests, security and values ​​of the West, and also seeks to undermine the international order.

In response, Chinese Foreign Minister Zhao Lijian said that NATO itself poses a “systemic challenge to peace and stability.” He noted that the bloc positions itself as a regional defense organization, but continues to expand, “unleashing wars everywhere and killing civilians.”

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