Peskov said that the possible closure of the Bulgarian embassy will be considered by the Foreign Ministry

The issue of closing the embassy in Bulgaria due to the expulsion of diplomats was raised by the Russian ambassador to the republic Eleonora Mitrofanova

Russian Embassy in Bulgaria

The issue of the possible closure of the Russian embassy in Bulgaria will be considered by the Foreign Ministry, and President Vladimir Putin will be prepared if necessary the corresponding report, said the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, RIA Novosti reports.

“Will be considered by the Foreign Ministry and, if necessary, reported to the president,” he said.

Against the background of the decision of the Bulgarian authorities to expel 70 Russian diplomats from abroad, Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria Eleonora Mitrofanova promised to raise the issue of closing the diplomatic mission in the republic with the Russian authorities. She also did not rule out a break in diplomatic relations between Moscow and Sofia.

On June 28, the BNR agency announced the decision to expel 70 Russian diplomats from Bulgaria, citing Acting Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. According to him, most of them worked for the secret services “undercover”. The plane with the diplomats is due to fly to Moscow on July 3, Petkov added.

The Russian embassy specified that among those expelled were Minister-Counsellor Philip Voskresensky, consuls general in Varna and Ruse, and the director of the cultural and information center. Not only diplomats, but also technical staff were recognized as persona non grata, the Russian mission added. They also said that Sofia's decision is “an unprecedented, slanderous, completely unfounded and provocative act.”

Bulgaria has expelled Russian diplomats several times since the beginning of the year. On March 2, two were declared persona non grata due to allegedly engaging in “intelligence”, on March 18 a similar decision was made regarding ten more diplomats, in early April, Sofia decided to expel the first secretary of the Russian embassy, ​​against whom a case of espionage was initiated in Bulgaria. Moscow expelled Bulgarian diplomats in response.

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The European Union supported Bulgaria's decision to expel Russian diplomats, saying that Sofia was acting in full compliance with international law. Brussels called Moscow's threat to break off diplomatic relations with Sophia unreasonable, noting that in this case Russia would be even more isolated.

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