Libyan protesters set fire to parliament building

Protesters demand to dissolve the authorities, hold presidential and parliamentary elections, and resolve the electricity crisis

Protesters against power cuts and deteriorating living conditions in the country stormed and set fire to the parliament building in Tobruk in eastern Libya, reports Libya News Agency

According to the agency, demonstrators set fire to official documents, offices and reception halls inside the building.

In addition, demonstrations took place in Tripoli. The protesters are demanding the dissolution of local governments, holding presidential and parliamentary elections, and resolving the electricity crisis.

Political instability has been observed in Libya since 2011 after the overthrow and assassination of Muammar Gaddafi. It was not possible to form a single governing body in the country, which resulted in an armed conflict between various groups, and later— civil war between the internationally recognized interim government and the Libyan National Army, led by General Khalifa Haftar. Two political centers have developed in the country: one in Tripoli, the other— in Tobruk.

In 2020, through negotiations with the participation of the international community, a joint military commission was established, which included the parties to the conflict and agreed on a ceasefire throughout Libya.

On March 3, Parliament swore in Tobruk the government of Fathi Bashagi, who was elected by lawmakers on February 10 as the new prime minister, considering that the mandate of the government of national unity had expired at the end of December. Meanwhile, the previous prime minister, Abdel Dbeiba, refuses to leave, believing that only his cabinet has the authority to carry out preparations for the elections. He insists that he will only pass the post on to his legitimately elected successor.

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