“The Nazis stood for 8 years.” In the Rostov region opened a border crossing with the LPR

Eight years later, a border crossing was opened in the Rostov region with the neighboring LPR, liberated from the Ukrainian military. Aif.ru learned that seven Russian farms submitted a request to the border guards. Checkpoint Mozhaevka RF — Gerasimovka works on weekends.

Residents of the Tarasovsky district of the Rostov region and  authorized leaders told aif.ru how the life of the border Russian villages changed after the liberation of the adjacent territory from the Ukrainian Nazis.

Tarasovsky district of the Rostov region during the spring cycle of the special military operation ( SVO) in February-March was very tense. The village of Mityakinskaya, where 2,000 people live, came under fire from the armed forces of Ukraine (APU). A shell destroyed a private house, no one was injured.

It was in the direction of Mityakinskaya, three days before the start of the special military operation (SVO), on February 21, 2022, that a group of Ukrainian saboteurs invaded Russian territory. Russian border guards and the military destroyed two armored personnel carriers and five terrorists.

Three months after the beginning of the NBO, the line of military contact has been moved far from the Russian border.

New border crossings for residents

An aif.ru correspondent spoke with a resident of Mityakinskaya Irina Martynova.

 Mityakinskaya 15 km from border in February and the beginning of March we felt the closeness of a special operation, shells from the side of Ukraine came to us but, fortunately, without consequences. Today we feel confident, & nbsp; & mdash; says Irina Martynova. — Sometimes we see planes and helicopters that fly around the border, we understand that it for our security purposes, in order to prevent the penetration of saboteurs».

According to the village resident, her countrymen are well aware of what is happening, because relatives live in the adjacent Lugansk region and Tarasovsky district.

She added that when the border was liberated, families from  ;children.

«The main event of June — This is the opening of a pedestrian crossing. Life has become easier for people, as there are many relatives on both sides, — the villager added.

Destroyed Ukrainian armored personnel carrier near the village of Mityakinskaya. Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Sheep were slaughtered as a sign of hospitality

The head of the Tarasovsky district of the Rostov region Alexander Zakruzhnoyin an interview with AiF.ru, he noted that his fellow countrymen provided great assistance to refugees .

“In the first days of the special operation, two temporary accommodation centers (TACs) were placed in the district for residents from the LPR and DPR, these people were very warmly received, they were provided with all kinds of assistance, — says Alexander Zakruzhnoy.   Already the next day they were paid 10 thousand rubles each, and our residents slaughtered two rams as a sign of hospitality and cooked shulyum».

The head of the district noted that the residents of  ;understanding refer to strengthening security — checking passports. You won't get guests to border settlements from Rostov-on-Don without them.

"Nazis were standing on the border for eight years, they closed two border crossings, which made life very difficult for my fellow countrymen, because their relatives live on the other side, — chapter comments. — The first crossing “Mozhaevka RF — Gerasimovka” recently opened. A very emotional meeting of the villagers of the Russian and Lugansk villages — people were crying because they had not seen each other for many years.

Grand opening of the checkpoint Mozhaevka RF – Gerasimovka LPR. Photo: From the personal archive/Sergey Plotnikov

“Went to a barber shop across the border”

Head of the Voikovsky rural settlement (Russia) Sergey Plotnikovremembers how he as a boy freely went to the Ukrainian side to the hairdresser — because it was cheaper there. It and directly from here to Lugansk is 40 km.

   the residents of seven farms turned to me with a request for restoration of the work of the border crossing; Sergei Plotnikov says — While the transition works on weekends and holidays. As for the second transition “Manotsky RF — Yuganovka”, then today this issue is not raised».

The village head noted that before 2014, residents of border villages could safely cross the border and go to 40 minutes to Lugansk, or go to shop on the Ukrainian side, where products were cheaper.

After the Ukrainian authorities unilaterally closed the border, it became problematic for residents of border farms to get to Lugansk. Some still went to Lugansk to relatives through the border crossing Donetsk RF — Izvarino, this is a huge hook. Travel time instead of the previous hour was 12 hours.

Sergey Plotnikov himself received a higher education in Lugansk and says that now it will be much easier for residents of neighboring villages to live and communicate with relatives.


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Officers guarding the borders of the Motherland note that the situation on the border of the Rostov region — stable.

«People help us, people brigades have been operating in the border settlements for several years, and since the moment of the SVO people have become more responsible and more vigilant in their public duties  &mdash ; summed up aif.ru the official representative of the border department of the FSB of Russia in the region.

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