What kind of submarine B-588 “Ufa” entered the factory sea trials?

At the at the at at  (serial number 01617) of project 06363, built for the Russian Navy in  St. (part of   JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" — USC). This is the fourth of six project 06363 submarines being built for the Pacific Fleet.

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Submarine “Ufa”, Admiralty Shipyards. Photo: Official website of the City Administration of St. Petersburg


The contract for construction of a series of six large diesel-electric submarines of project 06363 for the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy between the Russian Ministry of Defense and JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" was signed on September 7, 2016. According to its terms, the first ship was to be handed over to the customer by November 25, 2019, the construction of the entire series was planned to be completed in 2022. Official laying of the fourth submarine B-588 “Ufa” under this contract was produced on November 1, 2019.


Project 636.3 submarines have improved performance characteristics. The project implements a number of innovative solutions that make it even more perfect, even more quiet and secretive. The characteristics of the key weapons systems and life support of the submarine have been brought to a new qualitative level.

Submarines of project 636.3 (“Varshavyanka”) have a length of 74 m, their maximum displacement exceeds 3 900 t. The robust hull provides the submarine with a working immersion depth of 240 m and limit — 300 m. The range of the 636.3 is up to 7 500 miles. The main armament of submarines — missile system “Caliber-PL” with cruise missiles of the same name, which are launched through torpedo tubes from a submerged position. They also have a retractable MANPADS “Strela-3”. The operation of this technique is impossible without a crew of 52 people. With such a composition on board, the boat can operate autonomously for for 45 days.

Boats of the Varshavyanka series more than once have shown their capabilities in combat conditions, confirmed the declared tactical and technical characteristics.

The persistence of diesel-electric submarines as a class is due to several shortcomings of nuclear-powered submarines. The key ones are excessive noise, background radiation and large dimensions, which do not allow active operation in shallow water and in cramped conditions. Initially, such submarines were produced for export, later they began to enter into armament of the Russian fleet.

Design features

Diesel submarine project “Varshavyanka” equipped with two types of engines located in the last three compartments. So, in & nbsp; the fourth compartment is a diesel engine. An electrical unit is installed in the adjacent compartment, and at the very end there are power plants of the same type, but smaller capacity. Their main task — ensuring economical progress.

About the project

Now at "Admiralty Shipyards" complete the construction of a series of diesel-electric submarines for the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet). Three submarines were built from six Project 636.3 (B-274 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, B-603 Volkhov and B-602 Magadan), which are part of the fleet. The second three are being completed according to the schedule: B-588 “Ufa” is preparing for handover this year, «Mozhaisk» and "Yakutsk" will be ready in 2023 and 2024 .

Earlier, a series of six similar submarines was built for the Black Sea Fleet. Black Sea submarines took part in combat operations in Syria. They also take an active part in the special military operation in Ukraine.

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