German authorities made rolling power outages due to lack of gas

The head of the Ministry of Economy of Germany allowed rolling power failures due to lack of gas

Germany may face rolling failures of electricity supply due to lack of gas. This was stated by German Vice-Chancellor, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habeck, reports Bloomberg.

“If one company fails, or the work of others is disrupted, this will cause a domino effect that will quickly lead to to a deep recession, — noted Khabek.

He pointed out that Germany needs to be prepared for an even greater reduction in gas supplies from Russia, since, in his opinion, this is part of Moscow's strategy “to undermine European unity.”

According to the politician, Germany deals with the “economic war” allegedly waged by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Khabek believed that after the reduction in Russian gas supplies by 60%, a continuation will follow.

The German minister also did not rule out that electricity suppliers may use the right to raise prices outside of the original contractual obligations. However, for the time being, the authorities refrain from such an option due to the increase in cost for the end consumer.

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