Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation called for self-sufficiency of Russia: socialism will save us

Communists offered to follow the example of the USSR

A joint Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Central Control and Audit Commission of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation was held in the Snegiri rest house near Moscow. “The course of events is developing rapidly and menacingly,” but Russia has a salvation from the current systemic world crisis of capitalism – socialism, said Gennady Zyuganov. He urged “not to drag into the authorities the bearers of White Guard patriotism” who “dug in around the president.”

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov < p>Opening the plenum, the leader of the Communist Party called the current time “very difficult and responsible.” From the first world systemic crisis, which ended with the First World War, “humanity was pulled out by the Great October and Lenin-Stalinist modernization”, from the second crisis, which ended with the Second World War, humanity was “pulled out by our great Victory”, the current crisis has already “grown into a hybrid war, and again we see the Nazis, Bandera and Americans as the main enemies,” explained Gennady Zyuganov.

Traditionally, at the beginning of such events, party cards are awarded to a group of young and not very communists. On July 2, from the hands of Mr. Zyuganov, among others, “a student and a young mother”, an engineer, an actor from one of the drama theaters near Moscow, a manager, a master of sports of the USSR in judo (he is also the general director of a construction company) and a consultant for the international department of the Central Committee received party membership certificates Communist Party.

The report, which was made by the chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, a few days before the plenum was published on the party's website – so that all communists could read it and take part in the discussion. From the podium, the main communist of the country delivered an abbreviated version of this document in more than an hour and a half.

About the sanctions against Russia, imposed after the start of the special operation, Mr. Zyuganov said: “They essentially declared war on us, but our country has spent 700 years of its thousand-year history in battles, and we will definitely win here.” As a result, the situation in the economy is difficult, he admitted: “the former format of interaction with the outside world has been destroyed”, “patching holes does not save”, “expert forecasts are alarming”, Russia depends on the supply of sophisticated equipment, while for a number of goods imports from countries that have joined to sanctions exceeds 90%…

The solution to the problem in the Communist Party is seen in the new industrialization and “getting rid of capitalism”, which “led the country to a dead end.” The speaker suggested taking an example from the USSR. “The authorities of the USSR had the freedom to make political decisions, because the country's economy was self-sufficient.” Mr. Zyuganov especially emphasized the last word, dividing it into syllables: “sa – mo – up to – a hundred – exact.”

The recipes for ensuring self-sufficiency in the current conditions were briefly listed both in the report and in the resolution adopted on the basis of its discussion entitled “The development budget is a guarantee of Russia's economic independence”: withdrawal from international economic organizations from which the Russian Federation has not yet withdrawn or is not excluded (WTO , the World Bank), the return of Russian business from foreign jurisdictions, the nationalization of production in strategic sectors – and the nationalization of property owned by “non-residents” (apparently, we are talking about both foreigners and Russians, most of the time living abroad). As well as the introduction of short-term and strategic planning, a progressive income tax on super incomes (from what amount they start was not specified), the abolition of insurance medicine and the restoration of state medicine, the return of the old retirement age (55 years for women and 60 years for men). Mr. Zyuganov called the pension reform of 2018 “an absolutely cannibalistic decision.”

“All the resources of the country, regardless of the form of ownership, should be directed” to achieving independence from the outside world, to new industrialization, the plenum resolution says. It emphasizes that “today is not the time to be divided into mine and the state”, but this topic was not developed either in the document or in the report of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

“The best prospect for Ukraine is our reunification,” according to Mr. Zyuganov, according to the Communist Party. “We have been helping Donbass and Lugansk all these years, the result of our political perseverance was the support of the appeal to the president to recognize the DPR and LPR,” the speaker recalled (that appeal was adopted by the State Duma on February 15, 2022). In Ukraine in the past, there were a lot of supporters of closer relations with Russia, it would be possible to use “soft power” more actively in foreign policy, but the Russian authorities did not accept and did not implement this program proposed by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, “they didn’t listen, and now we pay a huge price,” he lamented…

While in the special operation zone “fighters and local residents raise red flags and restore monuments to the great commanders, Lenin and Stalin, and they do it on their own initiative,” the communist leader noted, in Russia “they are trying to cross out the glorious Soviet past,” “ they are slipping tales that it was Lenin who invented the Ukrainian people. (The fact that Vladimir Ilyich is the creator of the Ukrainian state in its current form, Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, spoke publicly more than once, but his last name was not mentioned in this context.)

In Russia, they continue to “blame Stalin”, “we see around the president a lot of bearers of White Guard patriotism, which at the beginning of the 20th century led to a civil war and which the working people did not support.” The carriers of alien imperial patriotism then brought foreign capital to Russia, the party leader continued, “during the civil war, the white separatists were on a short leash of their patrons, Kolchak served the USA and Britain, Krasnov served the Germans, part of this public later began to serve the interests of Hitler … So it was I would like to ask the patriots of note: who are you dragging us into the authorities? p>

Pulling on the sundress of Russian patriots, they act as Russophobes provocateurs!” – this question, the speaker specified, is asked to the Kremlin. And now the “liberal revanchists” are trying to bring down Russia through the economic crisis and the actions of the “fifth column”. Vladimir Putin spoke about her, but she sits next to him all the time!” – said Gennady Andreevich. And he asked: “Urals! When will you finally slam this viper – the Yeltsin Center?”.

Resolutions of the plenum entitled “In the fight against anti-Sovietism and Russophobia” and “With the heroic Donbass, the fraternal people of Ukraine – forever!” in general, they repeated the assessments and conclusions made in the report.

The chairman of the Central Committee did not dwell on the details of the election campaign, which is gaining momentum in many Russian regions, in which the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is trying to take an active part (15 heads of regions, 6 legislative assemblies and many municipalities should be elected on September 11). He only reminded that the main competitor of the Communist Party, United Russia, resorts to “more and more tricks” sometimes “beyond conscience”: three-day voting, electronic voting, voting outside the polling stations … Among the regions where special things are happening, according to the leadership of the Communist Party, ” disgrace”, Bryansk, Yaroslavl and Rostov regions were named. And in general, Gennady Zyuganov stated, “even the extremely difficult situation caused the authorities to strive not to strengthen the cohesion of society, but to strengthen the police force”: mass street events are increasingly banned, communist activists are increasingly subjected to “administrative repressions” such as arrests …

Immediately after Mr. Zyuganov's report, the head of the Sverdlovsk regional organization of the party, Alexander Ivachev, spoke. “Societal cohesion is somehow heterogeneous,” he complained: ordinary people are ready to sacrifice a lot, collect money for humanitarian aid to the Donbass and uniforms for volunteers, but “the richer part of the Ural society is not particularly in a hurry to take off their last shirt and help.” At Uralvagonzavod, a shortened working week has been introduced, somewhere people are being fired altogether: “a simple worker pays for difficulties, this is the same thing that is happening now in the decaying West,” Mr. Ivachev explained. And the authorities of the region also do not behave in a brotherly way: they did not congratulate the pioneer organization on the 100th anniversary, they continue to subsidize the Yeltsin Center …

Our governor (Evgeny Kuyvashev, – MK.) in general “insulted me worse nowhere – you, he says, are the same as Yeltsin – the first secretary of the regional committee, ”the main Ural communist said to the laughter of the audience.


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