Healed, got married. Family life that began in a military hospital

Plot RF special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

«We had different cars in the battalion, I was driving a „Ural-4320“, which saved my life. If it was „KAMAZ“, I would have died unmarried. Why? He has front wheels just under the driver, and the „Ural“ — in front of him, so the engine covered me from the explosion.

22-year-old sergeant Andrey Kurus— very cool guy. It is he who tells the AiF journalist how he was left without a leg.

His same young wife Alena is sitting next to him in the hospital ward of the Central Military Clinical Hospital. Vishnevsky in Krasnogorsk near Moscow. Their wedding ceremony was held there last week.

“We have always only treated the sick, — the head of the hospital Alexander Esipov said at the wedding, — but to marry them — This has never happened in our entire 55-year history. I am sure you will have a happy “family”. And how can she not be happy if the groom is a witness — his attending physician Amiran Khaburzania?

” ;Left foot no more»

— We met at the technical school of the city of Novoshakhtinsk, Rostov Region, — Alena tells her love story. — Andrei studied there as an auto mechanic, and I — to a landscape designer. What is called, accidentally met eyes — and here it is, love! I added him as a friend on social networks, he wrote to me … A week later they entered into a relationship, this year they are already 4 years old.

— In the summer of 2019, I was drafted into the army, — Andrew continues. — He served not far from home in the logistics battalion of a motorized rifle division. A few months later, the company commander offered me to sign a contract.

On February 24 of this year, the commanders informed us: so, they say, and so, the hostilities began, in which we will take part. After 4 days, my battalion, following the motorized riflemen who carried out the cleaning of the territory, went “behind the tape”, i.e., into enemy territory. I and my entire squad were spinning the steering wheel — supplied the advancing units with everything necessary. So spring passed, summer came … On that July day, I went to the front line to take the guys to the rear. They were changed by another division — This is what we call rotation. Drove empty, alone in the truck. 

I was crossing railroad tracks when a mine exploded under the front left wheel. The truck was thrown out of the rut to the side of the road, I — from the driver's seat to the passenger's. I did not immediately understand what had happened, but the driver's instinct forced me to turn on the reverse gear. Then he looked ahead, through the windshield he saw that everything was mangled under the hood, and only then it dawned on him: he was blown up!

I felt pain in my legs when I climbed back into the driver's seat. I tried to lean on the right — she was broken. Looked at the left leg — it was even worse there. But “Ural” rolled back, and something had to be done about it. I tried to reach the brake pedal at least with my hands and realized that the pedal was missing. The cabin floor was like a sieve, and through it I could see the ground. And then I realized that it was time to tear the claws out of the car.

I opened the door, crawled onto the bandwagon, saw that the fuel tank was on fire. He pushed off with his hands, fell to the ground and even managed to crawl away from the Ural. The flame had already spread to the cockpit, the passenger compartment was on fire.

We were lucky that our positions were literally 20 meters away from me, and familiar guys were on them. But they didn’t manage to pull me out right away, mortar shelling began. Because of this, I lost a lot of blood.

About five minutes later they ran after me, carried me to the trench, injected me with painkillers and tied my legs with tourniquets. Then there was a field hospital, the next morning they were taken to Luhansk by an ambulance helicopter. There I had my first operation. Woke up from anesthesia at night. I realized that the Ilizarov apparatus was fixed on my left leg and that I no longer had a left foot. I do not remember that I was somehow very worried about this. He asked for water, drank it and passed out again.

Then there was a large hospital in Rostov. There I realized that I needed to contact my relatives somehow and tell them everything. But I didn't have my phone with me. I asked someone for a mobile phone and first of all sent a message to Alena.

“I won't leave you”

— The message in the messenger was this: “Alena, hello! If you leave me, I'll understand everything, — continues the story of the young wife of a wounded soldier. — I immediately became very scared. Andrei did not agree to tell for a long time what happened, asked not to tell anyone, asked not to call or write to him. Then I went to extremes. I write to him: “Either you are laying everything straight right now, or I am calling your mother. She will definitely shake the whole truth out of you. After that, Andrei called me and nevertheless admitted that he had run over a mine, that he was in the hospital, that (sly!) Leg amputation is possible.

— Alena said: “I won't leave you”, — Andrey says. — No matter what happens, we will be together until the end. And then I realized that she is the person I need to hold on to.

«Wedding — tomorrow!»

They decided that they would get married even before the special operation began. And in the hospital, the understanding came that it should not be postponed. Alena called several registry offices and found one that combines marriage on the road. The ceremony was set for August 2nd. But the hospital management, through its own channels, agreed to expedite the procedure.

— On the evening of July 12, we were told: “Do what you want, but the wedding — tomorrow!” — Alena smiles. — And we have nothing ready. But by the appointed time — four o'clock in the afternoon — managed to find both the rings and the bride's bouquet, and even a witness from my side. Andrey's attending physician became a witness from the groom's side. The wedding went quickly, but everything was very sincere. Both my parents and Andrey were present only by phone — did not have time to arrive. So now the plans, when the husband is discharged from the hospital, to arrange a “real” wedding — with a white dress, family and friends, champagne… But first — full course of rehabilitation for Andrey.

— The command of the battalion, in which I still serve, immediately offered to remain in the ranks, despite the fact that without a leg, — Andrey says. — The Ministry of Defense now offers to undergo retraining. They promise a place in any military registration and enlistment office of your choice. Until I decided what to do next. I will consult with my parents, with Alena. She has been my wife for a week already.

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