The number of candidates for the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain was reduced to three

Sunak, Mordont and Truss advanced to the fifth round of the British Prime Minister's election Kemi Badenok, former Deputy Minister for Housing, dropped out of the race for the post of British Prime Minister. In the fourth round, the former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak again leads, in the next round he will compete with Penny Mordaunt and Liz Truss

Kami Badenoch during the debate

From the struggle for the post of leader of the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister of Great Britain dropped out the former Deputy Minister for Housing Kemi Badenok, reports The Guardian. According to the results of the fourth round of voting, which is held among the deputies of the paria, she scored 59 votes (one more than during the previous round).

Three candidates made it to the fifth round, which will be held on July 20:

  • Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak (118);
  • Former Minister for International Development Penny Mordaunt (92);
  • foreign secretary Liz Truss (86).

Sunak also led previous rounds with the biggest support from his fellow party members.


When two candidates remain on the list, all members of the British Conservative Party will join the election of the head of the British government. Voting will take place by mail and will continue until autumn. The name of the new prime minister will be announced on September 5.

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Until then, Boris Johnson will serve as prime minister. On July 7, he announced his resignation, this was preceded by a series of scandals around the figure of the prime minister. The last one is related to Chris Pincher— a member of the Johnson government who was accused of sexually harassing men.

Mordaunt had previously promised that if appointed head of the government of the United Kingdom, she would lead the efforts of Western countries against the “brutal aggression” of the United Kingdom. Russia, which launched a military operation in Ukraine. Truss said that if she became prime minister, she would meet Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit and lay siege to him. After that, the Kremlin reported that they were recording the statements of all contenders for the post of British Prime Minister.

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