Putin urges US to stop exporting oil from Syria

The US should stop plundering Syria by smuggling oil out of that country. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin following a meeting with the leaders of Iran and Turkey, RIA Novosti reports.

“We (Russia, Turkey and Iran.— RBC) and general positions on the Trans-Euphrates, related to the fact that American troops should leave this territory and should stop robbing the Syrian state, the Syrian people, exporting oil illegally,— he said.

At the meeting itself, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stated this. He accused the US authorities of stealing Syrian resources, including oil. Raisi urged Washington to withdraw its troops from the Arab Republic as soon as possible. According to him, the Syrian crisis has no military solution, the conflict can only be resolved through political means, and military actions can worsen the situation. Raisi found the Astana format effective.

Putin responded by talking about the “destructive line of Western states led by the United States”, which contributes to the growth of crime, extremism, separatism” in the territories not controlled by the Syrian authorities.

The US military contingent is in Syria under the auspices of the fight against militants of terrorist groups, in particular ISIS (banned in Russia). Washington has repeatedly reported the liquidation of members of terrorist organizations. So, on July 12, the US Central Command announced the elimination of the head of the local ISIS cell, Mahir al-Agala.

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