The head of the British Navy called Russia an immediate threat

Right now, Russia poses a threat to Western countries, but in the long run, the greatest risk comes from China. This was stated by the head of the Royal Navy and the British Navy, Ben Kay, reports Sky News.

“The risk of focusing only on Russia is that you can lose sight of the long-term strategic threat posed by China.” ,— said the admiral. According to the admiral, the UK has an obligation to respond to the current threat posed by Russia.

For the moment, Kay says, the West needs to deter “further aggression”; Moscow in Eastern Europe. He noted that the actions of President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine formed a new “Iron Curtain”; from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

Last year's NATO report stated that Russia would remain the main military threat to the alliance until 2030. The report said that the alliance intends to strengthen its ability to contain Russia, while continuing the dialogue on peaceful coexistence. Dialogue, as emphasized in the document, NATO is ready to conduct only from a position of strength.

China in this report was in second place. The members of the alliance put international terrorism in third place.

At the end of June, a NATO summit was held at which Russia was called the “major security threat”. irresponsible rhetoric” and respond to “her hostile actions.”

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The North Atlantic Alliance called on Russia to immediately stop the military special operation in Ukraine, and Belarus — “cease your complicity” in it.

In addition, NATO stated that China challenges the interests, security and values ​​of the West, and also seeks to undermine the international order.

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