Biden administration waits for congressional approval of new aid to Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

The Biden administration expects that after the completion of the already approved $ 40 billion, the US Congress will consider new initiatives in this domain. This was stated by US national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

He urged Moscow not to expect the West to lose interest in the conflict in Ukraine and curtail its support.

“Congress approved 40 billion package for Ukraine, a significant part of which has not yet been spent, and we are working from month to month to send weapons at the pace with which Ukrainians can master them and put them on the battlefield with personnel prepared for use,” he said. Sullivan.

He expressed confidence that the bills on new assistance to Ukraine will receive bipartisan support. Sullivan also said that, despite the weakening of public and media attention to what is happening in Ukraine in comparison with the first weeks of the conflict, the US administration and Congress maintain a “deep and steady” readiness to “do whatever is necessary, as much as it is necessary.”< /p>

“I think the same applies to the main European countries, despite all the difficulties that Europe faces in the energy sector,” he said.


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